Free Printable Bingo Cards

If you’re searching for printable bingo cards to play with your kids, look no further! Our bingo theme games are  fun, inexpensive activity that can be played anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, lounging inside or hiking outside, bingo can be the perfect addition to your day. All you need is a printer and scissors to spend some valuable time with your children or students!

Just Family Fun’s complete guide to bingo includes free, printable children’s bingo cards that cover a variety of topics, rules to play, and alternative techniques to make the game even more fun.

free printable bingo cards

Who Is Bingo For?

Despite being known as a popular activity for the elderly, bingo is an exciting game for players of all ages! It promotes socialization and communication between players, such as a birthday party game or icebreaker challenge around new people. For these reasons, it is a great game to have tucked in your backpack or purse for wherever you go.

When playing bingo, your child will get the chance to practice hand-eye coordination and develop their speed and focus skills due to the nature of the game. These are skills typically learned from arts and crafts, but in a much less messy manner!

Because bingo is a game of chance, it can be used to introduce fairness in winning and losing to young children, a key skill to being a good friend and team player as they grow up. Equally, bingo for adults is a relaxing way to feel in-touch with your inner child! It can be enjoyed by anybody with the right attitude.

How do you play Bingo?

To prepare your game of bingo, follow these quick and easy steps!

          To set it up:

  1. Choose and print out your favourite free bingo set.

  2. Cut out the bingo cards and give one to each player. All of the cards are different so no players will get the same bingo at the same time.
    Tip: laminate your bingo cards so they’re safe from wear-and-tear


  3. Cut out the bingo markers and give one handful to each player.
    Tip: for 5×5 bingo cards, each player should have around twenty markers


  4. Cut out the numbers on the caller’s card into individual pieces of paper.
    Tip: For most 5×5 bingo cards, there should be 36 images. Tie these up with a rubber band or tape so you don’t lose them before you play again.

  5. Place your caller’s card papers into a bowl, preferably folded in half or facing down.

    To play:

  6. At the beginning of each turn, the caller will pluck a random paper from the bowl and read the number aloud.

  7. Each player will search their bingo card for that number.

  8. If the number is present on the card, the player will cross off the spot with a marker.

  9. To get a bingo, a player must mark off five spots in a row. For 3×3 bingo cards, you must mark off three spots in a row.
    Tip: to make the game more challenging, follow our guide to different bingo patterns below!


  10. If you mark a complete row of images, you must shout “bingo” to win!
    Tip: most 5×5 bingo cards will have a free space in the middle. Mark this off right away!

If you’re interested in increasing the competition, try playing bingo against your kids or using the alternative rules and tactics we describe at the bottom of this post. You can even combine these rules for the ultimate family championship! Who has what it takes to win this game of chance and skill?

How can I mark my spots?

For larger bingo grids especially, remember which numbers have been called gets increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Encourage your kids to mark off spots on their bingo cards to avoid confusion. We recommend the following methods of marking:

  1. You can cross off numbers with a pen, pencil, or marker.
  2. You can laminate your bingo cards and cross off numbers with a whiteboard pen. This will allow you to erase the marks and reuse the bingo board when you’re done!
  3. You can print and cut out the themed paper markers included in each bingo kit. These small pieces may become choking hazards for small children.
  4. You can print and cut out our generic Just Family Fun paper markers for all of your bingo games! Download the markers here.
  5. You can place small objects on each number, such as rocks, figurines, or even M&Ms and other sweets!
  6. You can stamp or place your favourite stickers on the numbers.
    Tip: if you know your kids like to cheat in games to beat their siblings, check if their bingo is correct by matching their marked tiles with numbers that have been called. Stickers will cover up the numbers and prevent you from doing this!

What’s Included In Our Themed Printable Bingo Card Sets

Our bingo sets contain a variety of printable materials depending on their theme and method of game play. Check each set to know what is included from the following items:

  1. Bingo cards for players
    Each player will have their own bingo card with an array of 3×3 or 5×5 numbers or themed images. Each card will have different images in different locations so players will never get the same bingo at the same time.

  2. One caller’s card
    All of the numbers or images that can be called in the game are in an array to be cut out individually (most 5×5 boards have 36 images). These are the pieces you will pick up one at a time and call out.

  3. Spot markers
    Some of our special-themed bingo kits contain printable markers to cover up numbers on your bingo card.

All of the materials within each bingo set are printable. We recommend you print on A4 paper in full color to best enjoy the graphics and themes!

Printable bingo cards 1-90

Our printable bingo cards 1-90 is a free version of the original, classic bingo game!

The caller’s card contains bingo ball-shaped cutouts of the numbers one through ninety. Each player’s bingo card contains a mix of these numbers in a random and unique arrangement.

If your children are ready to take the challenge with more number games, check out our other resources here. For example, Just Family Fun’s sudoku or dice games are fun for all ages and math abilities!

Printable 75 Ball Bingo Cards

Similar to the classic 1-90 bingo game, our printable bingo cards 1-75 are best for kids familiar with big numbers and complex bingo boards. Our 75 ball bingo cards have a 5×5 grid with one free space in the middle.

If you’re interested in experimenting with alternative bingo rules, try starting with this bingo card. It will help you get a hang of playing so you can master other games!

Printable Summer Bingo Cards

Are your kids begging for school to let out, or has summer break already begun? No matter the situation, our printable summer bingo cards are the perfect addition to vacations, road trips, and hot, sunny days! With 5×5 bingo cards for up to eight players, our summer bingo set can be played with or without the caller’s card.

For example, you can go on a scavenger hunt at the beach or in town to spot the images on your bingo card. The first player to make a bingo from things they see wins!

Some of the images on our printable summer bingo cards include flip flops, surfboard, lifevest, snorkel gear, life saver, beach bag, bucket, coconut drink, windsurfing, sun, sunblock, lounge chair, boat, starfish, lounging, sunhat, waves, towel, orange soda, crab, feather, hammock, different varieties of flowers and plants, beachball, swimmer, flippers, metal detector, sailboat, shell, umbrella, ice cream, sunglasses, seashell, and suitcase.

After tiring our your calling-out skills, test your children’s crafting abilities with our sunflower-making guide! If they prefer to draw and color, you can print our free butterfly colouring sheets instead. We have an endless number of summer-related activities.

Printable Nature Bingo Cards

Our printable nature bingo cards are best for young children going on family walks, hikes, or even camping overnight! The set contains 3×3 bingo cards for four players with bright, colorful cartoon drawings of different things you may come across in the great outdoors!

Our nature bingo will teach kids to appreciate the environment and subtleties hidden in nature, including different plants and animals. Nature bingo will encourage them to be curious and carefully observe their surroundings.

This can also be a key resource to use alongside an environment-themed science lesson. Introduce children and students to sustainability by encouraging them to save all of the nature-themed images on their board!

On your walk outdoors, you could also play a colour scavenger hunt or use our bear paw print to promote mindfulness and a connection with the environment.

Printable Christmas Bingo

Our printable Christmas bingo set is the perfect game for Christmas parties, events, and warm, cozy nights by the fireplace! You can play with or without the caller’s cards.

A fun way to play Christmas bingo is by spotting the images on your bingo card as they appear in a holiday movie of your choice. You’ll have to watch carefully and hope you can make a bingo before the film ends!

The bingo cards in our printable Christmas set contain the following phrases and images: Christmas candles, star, jumper, church, caroling, gingerbread house, candy cane, Christmas cracker, Jesus, wine, Christmas ribbons, lights, bells, wreath, gift, snowman, Christmas greeting, decorations, reindeer, advent calendar, grinch, snowflake, Santa Claus, and mince pie!

We also have a Christmas scavenger hunt, a Christmas jumper design contest, and even more Christmas worksheets here. Fill up your holiday season with endless Christmas activities from Just Family Fun!

Printable Easter Bingo Cards

If Christmas has come and gone, you can have just as much fun with our themed Easter bingo cards for the new season! Just print out the cards and you’ll be ready to play.

Our 5×5 Easter bingo for kids is a festive activity to introduce the meaning behind Easter and religious traditions. Containing words such as chocolate egg, candle, fairy lights, Easter greeting, easter time, bunny glasses, Easter bunny, crucifix, bunny garland, easter cupcake, chocolate bunny, easter basket, purple egg, egg painting, egg and spoon race, easter Monday, gift, pray, marshmallows, egg cup, carrot, bunny ears, egg tray, and tulips, these colorful cartoons match the seasonal ambiance you’re aiming for and can spice up any free times you need to fill during the day.

You should also try out our Easter scavenger hunt or Easter word scramble if you’re looking for more spring fun.

Printable Number Bingo Cards for Kids

If your little one isn’t quite ready to play bingo with a 5×5 board of numbers, we have you covered. Our 3×3 bingo card is perfect for introducing number recognition and use to young learners.

To support your little ones learning their numbers, we recommend using our number flashcards and singly-digit addition math worksheets! Remember to take it slow and reward their progress.

Car Bingo Printable Cards

You can play our car-themed bingo with or without caller’s cards! The images on each bingo card are easy to locate along the motorway or in town on short rides or road trips, even on your way to a bridal party or baby shower – wherever you and your family are heading!

Our car bingo cards can keep little ones busy and quiet during long transitions and journeys on the road. Our 5×5 bingo cards include common roadside objects including a tree, give-way sign, gas pump, yield sign, McDonald’s logo, red car, speed limit, sun, cow, crosswalk, moped, train, tractor, restaurant, trailer, airplane, parking, big red rub, cycling, traffic light, cat, stop sign, police car, and horse!

We have other car-themed games, too! Check out our printable worksheets here and enjoy your family road trip.

Printable Winter Bingo Tickets

If your kids have worn out their Christmas bingo cards, then you know it’s time to replace them with our printable winter bingo tickets! The 5×5 bingo cards contain all of the best parts about the winter season – from warm drinks to polar animals, you can celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another with our creative and fun bingo game.

This set includes the phrases hot chocolate, coffee, Santa, scarf, pears, tea, apple, reindeer, gingerbread man, holiday lights, igloo, presents, fox, polar bear, grapefruit, shoveling snow, coat, snow peak, penguin, custard apples, snowball, vacation, bonfire, and ear caps.

Printable Spring Bingo Cards

Once the winter’s shriveled leaves begin to rebloom on trees, you can begin to replace your winter bingo tickets with our printable spring bingo cards. These 5×5 bingo cards have bright, colorful drawings of spring activities and items. You can play bingo at home or head into town and try to spot the images on your bingo card.

The first player to find five spring-related images in a row wins!

Some of our spring bingo cards contain the words parrot, lady bug, snail, honey bee, bird house, bicycle, worm, butterfly, flower basket, ant, chick, daffodil, eggs, grass, foal, hyacinth, kid, bunny, bud, nest, tree, puddles, breeze, and sun.

Unicorn & Mermaid Bingo

Our Unicorn and Mermaid bingo set is perfect for birthday parties and other events with lots of little ones to entertain. The theme is colorful, mystical, and a little bit fishy; everything that you could wish for in a game!

There are eight bingo cards with 5×5 arrays of cartoon images, including mermaid, shell bed, fish, unicorn, jellyfish, coral, octopus, dolphin, sea horse, starfish, seashell, crab, squid, shark, whale, treasure box, rainbow, ship, sea turtle, pearl, castle, waves, unicorn hat, ice cream, prawn, seal, sea urchin, lobster, walrus, penguin, sea lion, sea anemone, clams, cod, eel, and unicornfish!

If you need to break the tie between two bingo winners, try having them pin the horn on the unicorn here. We also have mermaid colouring sheets, unicorn colouring sheets, and fairy colouring sheets to entertain for hours, too!

Unicorn & Mermaid Bingo

Free Dinosaur Bingo Cards

Our free dinosaur bingo is the most popular bingo card kit. Do you have a dinosaur enthusiast on your hands? See if they have what it takes to win a dinosaur-themed bingo game!

For up to eight players, our 5×5 dinosaur bingo cards contain detailed drawings of various dinosaurs from the most famous to the least known. Don’t worry! All of the images are labeled, so if you aren’t as big of a dinosaur fan as your kids, you won’t have to struggle to come up with names.

Our dinosaur bingo cards include a t-rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, velociraptor, brontosaurus, allosaurus, archaeopteryx, megalosaurus, anchiceratops, eggs, bones, skull, mountain, volcano, trees, footprints, leaf, egg hatching, mastodon, pterodactyl, kentrosaurus, ceratosaurus, ankylosaurus, ankylosauria, diplodocus, plateosaurus, brachiosaurus, microraptor, carnotaurus, hadrosaurus, spinosaurus, oviraptor, patagotitan, styracosaurus, maiasaura.

To continue the fun, print out our free dinosaur word search, colouring pages, dinosaur scavenger hunt, and pin the tail on the dinosaur.

Printable Birthday Bingo Cards

Whether for a birthday party or to celebrate somebody’s actual special day, our birthday bingo cards are the most festive game you could play! Personalized for either a birthday boy or girl, our bingo cards can fill any gaps in the day to keep your kids entertained.

Eight bingo cards will have a mix of drawings of fireworks, cake, balloons, gifts, birthday banners, party hats, pinata, confetti, birthday card, bouquet, candles, birthday greeting, ice cream, champagne, birthday boy, decoration, cookies, clown, chocolate, birthday crown, cupcake, popcorn, mask, candies, lollipop, pizza, drink, doughnut, birthday girl, chips, noisemaker, musical notes, teddy bear, ice lolly, burger, dancers in a 5×5 grid.

To help celebrate, we also have free birthday balloon outlines and themed birthday party invitations to print, fill in, and send out to friends so they can celebrate with you.

Printable halloween bingo cards

Before, after, or even while Trick-or-Treating for bucket loads of sweets, your kids can hunt for all the spooky things on our Halloween bingo cards! This is the perfect fall and autumn bingo for children.

Up to eight players can compete for the first bingo with or without the caller’s cards. From sweets to witches to Halloween costumes, the fun images on the 5×5 board will help set the tone for the fall season. Just make sure you don’t get too scared!

Our Halloween bingo cards contain a witch’s hat, Frankenstein, gravestone, bat, devil, witch’s hand, vampire fangs, skull, calendar, lollipop, moon, spiderweb, cauldron, casket, magician’s hat, cross, potions, black cat, witch, fall leaves, pumpkin, ghost, owl, broom, spell book, haunted tree, raven, book, hatchet, candles, eyeball, trident, haunted house, witch’s tights, balloons, and Halloween greeting!

You may also be interested in playing our Thanksgiving word scramble, using our Halloween pumpkin stencil, and colouring in the maple leaf outline!

Alphabet bingo cards for kids

Is your child learning the alphabet? Are you growing restless from singing the ABC’s song to help them memorize their letters?

Our alphabet bingo cards for kids is an innovative, much more fun and much less repetitive way to learn the English alphabet. With a mix of letters on each 3×3 bingo card, you and your kids can play bingo forever without getting bored.

Playing the alphabet bingo is also a way to stay in touch with your child’s learning and support their progress from home. If you miss them during the school day, engage with their learning with this alphabet bingo!

To make this version more challenging, try to find words beginning with each letter on your player’s card. For example, if you see a tree, you can mark off the letter T! This will support word association and pronunciation in toddlers and children.

You can use our free alphabet poster, spelling 3-letter words worksheet, or alphabet stencils to colour, design, and hang up like artwork.

Printable animal bingo cards

Do you need an elephant or a pigeon to win?

Easily one of the most fun themes is our printable animal bingo cards! Including words such as tiger, parrot, penguin, whale, dog, shark, squirrel, cat, crow, peacock, frog, mouse, spider, snake, cow, crab, hen, elephant, rabbit, wolf, pigeon, horse, monkey, honey bee, crocodile, donkey, zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros, panda, lion, hedgehog, duck, bear, camel, and fox, our bingo is perfect for kids who love to make noise.

Up to eight players will get a 5×5 bingo card from this printable set. We recommend this alternative rule to make this round even more special: instead of saying “bingo” when you mark a row of animals off, make the noise of your favorite animal! The louder, the better.

Play our other game called Animal Pairs here! If your kids aren’t confident with their animals yet, try using our free animal flashcards to help consolidate knowledge about how animals sound, look, and even smell!

Types of Bingo Games

There are numerous ways to get a bingo. For your game, you must decide on which pattern to make or agree to use them all!

  1. Make a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line
    This is the classic way to get a bingo. You must make a line the entire length of your bingo card.

    For example, if you are using a 5×5 array, you must mark 5 tiles in a row. This can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

  2. Black out the board
    This will lead to very intense games! To win, a player must mark off every single image on their bingo card.

  3. Mark off all four corners
    To get a bingo, the player must mark off all four corners of the bingo card. This works best with 5×5 grids but can be played with any sized board.

  4. Cover the borders
    If you play for borders, each player will compete to fill in the outline of their board, i.e. the bottom and top row and left and right column.

  5. Make an X shape
    Another challenge is by making an X across your bingo card. To get a bingo, you must have two diagonal lines from corner-to-corner crossing in the center.

  6. Make an L or U shape
    This bingo is similar to marking off the borders, but it is less obvious to notice! You must fill in a full row and a full column, meeting at the corner, to make an “L” shape. It can be upside down or backwards. To make a U shape, you must fill in another line connecting to you L. It should look like an incomplete square!

  7. Make a themed shape
    For example, make the letter H for halloween, a filled-in square to represent a barn, or even your favourite number. Can you figure out which bingo card spaces you need to mark to make the number 3?

Extra Bingo Fun:

  • Rather than announcing what has been chosen from the bowl, try to give clues about it. Your kids will have to guess if the number or image they need has been drawn, leading to some quizzitive bingos!
    For example, you can hint…
    This animal is large, white, and lives in the North Pole!
    This person wears a red hat and boots!
    This dinosaur was a herbivore and could reach tall trees!
    This animal has more than four legs!

  • When playing a number-based bingo, a player can trade in two numbers they have already marked off for one. You must be able to add, subtract, multiple, or divide the first two numbers to make the new one. As long as your kids are confident in simple arithmetic, they can work towards quicker bingos!

  • If you find that your kids are getting bingos way too quickly, have them play with two bingo boards each. This will slow down their reaction time and encourage a lot more excitement to win!

  • To keep your kids engaged, have prizes prepared to offer the winning player. This could be a fun snack, small toy, or an extra thirty minutes to stay up before bedtime! You can decide and negotiate with your players what they win.

  • Play Speed Bingo by continuously announcing numbers from the bowl rather than pausing and waiting for players to be ready for another round. This will lead to players missing numbers on their bingo card if they’re not paying attention and trying their hardest!

  • Use our printable bingo cards as a template for your own themed bingo game. If your kids have a special interest such as jelly beans, music, or sign language, you can design your own bingo game just for them!


We hope you have had fun learning about our different free printable bingo cards and all the different ways to enjoy them. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to reach out to Just Family Fun.

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