Free Printable Bear Paw Print Outlines

If you’re learning about bears, or simply looking for a fun way to entertain or teach your children you may enjoy these bear paw prints from Just Family Fun.

You can print out as many of these free, downloadable and printable bear paw print outlines as you need. Cut out the shape and use it for colouring, stencils, patterns, crafts and more.

What’s Included in our bear paw print template

We’ve included a set of helpful blank printable bear paw print patterns, that are useful for supporting a variety of craft and educational activities.

The downloadable pdf includes 3 different designs.

printable bear paw print
black bear paw print
polar bear paw print

What Can Our Bear Paw Prints Be Used For?

There’s no limit to how you can use these bear paw print templates with your preschoolers or older children. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bear Paw Alphabet Tracks

Print out enough bear paw print outlines for each letter in your child’s names. Write a letter on each paw print, and place them on a track around the room. At the end place a table or big box to act as a cave.

Ask your toddler or preschooler to follow the trail, reading the letter sound as they pass it. Once they reach the box they can climb inside their cave. Once inside ask them to come back out and find the first letter in their name and take it back to the cave. Repeat for each letter of their name.

Use the Bear Paw Print to Announce a Surprise

Kids love a treasure hunt, why not leave a trail of bear paw prints around the garden or house and ask your small person to follow them. At the end of the trail place a note revealing the surprise or a clue so they can work out what the surprise is.

Colouring Pages

The bear print outline makes the perfect colouring pages. They make a handy colouring sheet to take with your when going out for dinner or to use at home. Colouring teaches fine motor skills and encourages children to be creative and have confidence in their own ideas and creations.


If you’re learning about bears here are a few fun facts to share with them whilst using our free printable bear paw print outlines.

  • Just like human children, bear cubs are extremely playful and just like a human parent or responsible adult if things get too rough the adult will stop them from getting hurt.
  • Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals
  • Bears have excellent senses of smell, sight and hearing.

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