Free Printable Dinosaur Outline Stencil

If you’re looking for a dinosaur outline to use as simple stencils, templates, or colouring pages these cute dinosaur outlines from Just Family Fun will be the perfect resource.

The dinosaur outline will make great templates for patterns, clip art, or stencils for all sorts of projects such as sewing, woodwork, or even scroll saw patterns.

Whatever the activity or craft the dino outlines are super easy to print out and cut out.

From kids to professional palaeontologists – everyone loves a dinosaur. You can use these free printable simple dino templates for a plethora of fun craft activities.

What’s Included In Our Dinosaur Package?

We’ve included 8 printable dinosaur outlines including a

  • Pterosaur – this could be used as any of the prehistoric flying reptiles like a Pterodactyl, or Quetzalcoatlus
  • Diplodocus – you could also use this as one of the other Sauropods such as a Brachiosaurus or Argentinosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Plesiosaur such as a Plesiosaurus or an Elasmosaurus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Tyranosaurus Rex
  • Theropod for example an Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, or Eustreptospondylus
Pterosaur outline image
dinosaur outline
Parasaurolophus stencil

Each dinosaur outline is designed to be A4 size, but you could use the settings on your printer to print them in smaller A5, etc.

What Can Our Dinosaur Outline Be Used For?

There is no limit to the craft activities you can use these printable dinosaur outlines for. We’ve listed a few ideas below to get you started.

Feel free to print out as many of these free printable dinosaurs as you need.

Dinosaur Outlines for Colouring

Print them out and use them as colouring sheets. You could use paint, felt tips, crayons, or even coloured stickers to fill the pages with colours.


Use the free templates to make handy dinosaur stencils for a range of craft activities. Use your free printable dinosaur stencil at Halloween to make a stegosaurus pumpkin stencil, to decorate your child’s bedroom or playroom. You can also use the stencils to decorate stones, make cards, decorate clothes, or do other craft projects.

Dinosaur Skeletons

Use Q-Tips, Dry Spaghetti, or Pasta as bones to make a skeleton inside the dinosaur outlines. Point out to your child the leg and arm bones as well as the spine. You could colour the dino templates in first.


Dinosaurs were wiped from the earth 65 million years ago, but since their fossilised bones were first discovered 200 years ago, children and adults have been fascinated by them. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs these simple dino outlines will go down a treat. Use the printouts for our ideas above or for any other crafty activity you can think of.

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