Free Printable Alphabet Poster

Whether you’re teaching your little one or decorating your classroom. This Just Family Fun free printable alphabet poster stands out and is easy to read.

This fun poster will engage your little one with its colourful pictures and easy-to-remember examples.

What is the Alphabet poster useful for?

The alphabet poster is useful for helping support children beginning to learn to read, children with reading difficulties, or even children new to the English language.

Each letter has both the capitalised letter, lowercase letter, an example word that begins with the letter, and a picture of that word.

For example, A has a picture of an Apple, with the word apple shown next to it.

You can choose what size you print the poster out. It can be a large wall decoration, a medium-sized table prompt for group activities. Or it can be a smaller handout to help with another task.

What else can I use this poster for?

You can use this poster as part of a wide range of activities. Some of them include:

  • A discussion prompt.
  • A learning tool.
  • A vibrant classroom decoration.

Why should I use the Just Family Fun alphabet poster?

Using the Just Family Fun alphabet poster really helps your little ones remember the individual letters through words they may already know how to say.

The pictures also help them with connecting letters together to make the right sounds and say the word correctly.

The alphabet poster has a wide range of uses. Even if it is used as a wall decoration, children are looking at its vibrant colours and taking in what the poster is saying. Your little ones are learning subconsciously.

How can I use the alphabet poster?

Wall Decoration

If you’re in a classroom or nursery environment, you can use the Just Family Fun alphabet poster as a wall decoration. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from using it at home as well.

The vibrant colours and eye-catching illustrations will naturally attract the attention of your little ones.

Learning Prompt

Tired of your children losing attention when you’re trying to teach them? Using this alphabet poster will help keep your children engaged with what you’re saying and make them think about how each letter connects together to make the words shown next to the picture.

The Just Family Fun alphabet poster can also be used to support any existing activities you’re already doing with your children. 

Individual Activities

If you have smaller copies of the poster and you have some tracing paper. A simple activity could be to put the tracing paper over each letter and try to copy each letter.

Once your little one is getting to grips with the alphabet and the order of each letter. A simple activity is to use your hand to cover up one of the letters on the poster and ask your little one which letter is missing.

Group Activities

A really simple group activity is to read out one letter at a time, in order. Then after each letter, have your children shout what they see. For example: “A is for … Apple”, “B is for … Banana”.

Another group activity is to sing a song about the alphabet, using the Just Family Fun alphabet poster to point to each letter as you make your way through the song.

Once your children are starting to grasp each letter and how they connect, you could pick some letters and have your children try to either think of or find an object beginning with that letter.

Craft Activities

If you can laminate the poster, or have a ready supply of the posters. You have a great play-dough mat. Have your little ones use the play-dough to try and copy the shape of each letter.

If you’re not a fan of play-dough, you could also use pipe cleaners for a mess-free way to learn the alphabet. We’re excited to see how you’re going to use the Just Family Fun alphabet poster. If you have any creative ideas for other ways to use this fantastic learning resource, make sure to get in touch and let us know how you’re using it.

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