free dinosaur colouring pages

Free Printable Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Ready to colour in some RAWESOME designs on these fantastic dinosaur colouring pages? Travel  back 70 million years and roam with the magnificent creatures in the land before time! Can you spot the big-headed Triceratops, the long-necked Apatosaurus, and the legendary Pterodactyl? From terrifying carnivores to peaceful herbivores, this selection of line art is waiting for you to finish to prehistoric perfection! Completing these intricate illustrations with colour is the perfect way to spend a few hours relaxing and unwinding, on top of a host of other benefits including improvements in patience, concentration and fine motor skills. The world is your oyster with these free to download pages, meaning your family can print and colour their favourites over and over, time and again!

Check out the incredible landscapes on these colouring pages, including molten volcanoes, jagged mountains, Jurassic jungles and peeks under the sea with cute plesiosauruses! Go wild with your colours and decorate these dinos and their scales however you like – pinks, greens, blues, yellows, or multi-coloured, you decide! How many can you name from memory? Turn this colouring adventure into a test to learn them all off by heart.

All your family needs are colouring pens or pencils to get started – but why stop there? There are many more materials which can be used to embellish these colouring pages – how about paint, glitter, sequins or gems. After all, scientists can never know for sure what dinosaurs looked like on the outside. For all we know, they could have been as glittery as a disco ball!

And remember, Just For Fun strives to make their activities free and accessible to all, so these fantastic colouring pages are easy to download and print in the comfort of your own home, suitable for the whole family.

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