Free Printable Farm Animals Flashcards 

Do you have a little one who loves learning about animals? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – Colourful Farm Animal Flashcards! They’re a  fantastic visual aid for toddlers, kindergarten and young children. The best bit is that they are free, downloadable and printable.

These flashcards are perfect for reinforcing knowledge about different farm animals. Plus, they’re great for developing memory skills and hand-eye coordination. So why wait?

Feel free to print out as many sets of these Farm Animal Flash Cards as you need.  You can find the pdf at the bottom of the page.

What Animals Are Included?

A total of twelve species are included. Sheep, Cow, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Duck, Donkey, Goat, Hen, Pig, Horse and Rabbit.

Each animal is pictured on a colourful background that features grass with the corner of a barn in the background. The English name for the featured animal is printed in bold black below.

farm animals flashcards printable
flash cards farm animals
printable farm animals flashcards

How to Use the Farm Animals Flashcards?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for how to use the farm animal flashcards effectively look no further as we have provided a wide range of ideas below.

The activities are fun and interactive and will help your child learn about farm animals. The fun illustrations will keep your child engaged and entertained.

Here are a few tips to get started using the farm animal picture cards.

Learn Farm Animal Vocabulary

This word game is a great way to teach your toddler or kindergarten class farm animal vocabulary. Print out the farm animal cards. Lay them out on a table or the floor. Say an animal and get your small person to point to the animal that you have just said. If they struggle, help them out by pointing to it first.

Mix it Up a Bit

Once your toddler knows what the animals are you could extend the game by cutting the animal word from the bottom of the picture. Get your child to try and match the word with the correct animal.

Farm Animal Phonetics

If your child is a little bit older and is learning to read or spell. You can use our A-Z flashcards alongside the farm animal. Print and cut out the letter flashcards.

Lay them out in sequence somewhere in the garden/house. Ask them to go and find the letters and then sound out the word. When they have decoded the word, ask them to take the letters to the pile of farm animals, lay the letters out to make the word. They can then select the correct farm animal to go with each word. 

(You could put two letters together on one piece of paper in order to make the decodable sounds  ‘sh’ ‘oa’ ‘ck’ ‘ow’ and ‘ch’)

Repeat for each animal or until your child gets bored.  

Hide and Seek

Hide the animal printouts around the house or garden. Get your child to find the animals. Kids love playing hide and seek. If you have any farm animal toys you could hide them instead.

Animal Noises

Both toddlers and young children will love playing this silly game.

Print out a set of free farm animal picture cards. Cut the cards out and lay them on the table face down. In turn, each player takes a card and makes the noise of the animal. The other players then guess the animal.

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Practise animal words with the classic song Old Macdonald had a Farm. If you don’t know the words you can find them here on the BBC’s school radio.

Sing the song, let your child choose the animal that comes next using the free printable farm animal pictures.

You could also pick a copy of Old Macdonald had a Farm from the local library, every time you come across an animal in the book your child can find the correct one from the farm flashcards.

You could also have a discussion, have you ever been to a farm? Did you see any of these animals (point to the flashcards)? What other animals can live on a farm?

If you haven’t been to a farm, maybe you could plan a day trip to one. Take the flashcards with you and see how many animals you can spot on the farm.

Farm Animal Matching Pairs

This game is a great family card game. Print out at least two sets of the farm animals cards for this activity. You can laminate them if you want them to last.

How to Play Animal Matching Pairs?

If you’ve never played matching pairs before the aim of the game is to collect the most pairs of cards.

  1. Start by shuffling the cards
  2. Lay them on the table, face down, in rows.
  3. Select a person to go first. (Tip. Choose the youngest person or the person whose birthday is next).
  4. Play then continues in a clockwise direction.
  5. Flip over two cards – if the cards match, the player keeps the cards.
  6. If the animals don’t match, turn the cards back over
  7. The player with the most cards at the end wins!


Use the animal cards to play farm animal snap.


It’s really important to teach children about farm animals. Learning about these creatures can spark a lifelong love of animals in young children. These printable farm animal flashcards are the perfect way to start and/or expand children’s knowledge of farm animals. 

We hope you enjoy using our pictures of farm animals that you can print. Above there are just a small number of ideas that you can use these printable farm animals flashcards for.

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