Dinosaur Word Search Printable

This fun-packed dinosaur word search is a great activity for a budding anthropologist. If their favourite movie is Jurassic Park, or if they just love running around the house doing their best Tyrannosaurus impression, this is a great activity to get their brains working. 

Our printable dinosaur word search is full of interesting dinosaur words to entertain even the most discerning dino-enthusiast!  

dinosaur wordsearch

What's Included In Our Dinosaur Word search Templates

Just Family Fun’s word searches come with an answer sheet, so once you’ve found all the words, you can check to make sure they’re the right ones.

Our dinosaur word searches have new and challenging words to help expand your favourite palaeontologists vocabulary. This is a great activity to do solo, or as a family.

Printable dinosaur wordsearch
dinosaur word search printable
dinosaur word search

Dinosaur Word Search Helpful Hints

Look for two letters instead of the word- We know archaeopteryx is a tough word. (It sounds like arc-key-opter-icks) The easier way to find tough words is to pick either the first letter, or the last letter. We picked the last letter, and looked over the word search for all the X’s. Once we found one, we looked at all the letters around X for a Y, because those are the last two letters of the word. Doing it this way, we were able to find all the words in 2 minutes. Can you do it faster?

Colour the words in– Pick your favourite colour, or pick a different colour for every word! Circle the words, then fill in your circle with colours! For extra fun, colour your favourite dinosaur in your favourite colour, and the rest in your second favourite colour! Turn your dinosaur word search printable into a masterpiece!

Research words If you’re really stuck, look again at the words you’ve already found. Sometimes the words you’ve already found are hiding the dinosaurs you’re looking for

Bonus Fun Points

Colour your word search– Use our black and white word search to colour your own Jurassic World word search! Make the dinosaurs as realistic as possible, or use your favourite colours to make a rainbow dinosaur!

Dress Up as a Dinosaur– With Just Family Fun’s free printable dinosaur mask, you can become a dinosaur of whatever colour you want to be!

Word Search Race- Who can find all the words the fastest? Race your friends, or your parents, or even yourself using a timer!

Dino-Draw– How many of our word bank dinosaur names can you draw? What do they look like? Do they have horns, or claws, or teeth? What do they eat? Ask mom or dad to help you find out more about these Cretaceous Creatures!

Make your own– Can you make your own dinosaur word search? On the back of the answer sheet, use the words from our word bank and see if you can make a better version! Bonus points if you can pick your own dinosaurs to make a words search. Once you’re done, give it to mom or dad and see how long it takes them to solve it!

Once you’ve found all the words, you are the official Dino-Master! Make sure to share all your fun with us! Visit our main page for more word searches, and other fun!

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