Learn to Spell 3 Letter Words – Free Printable Worksheets

Has your little one mastered the alphabet? Do they know the sounds the letters make? Wondering what to teach next? Learning to read and spell these common 3 letter words is a brilliant next step.

free spelling worksheets

Is My Child Ready?

All children develop skills at different rates. There’s no set age for learning to spell these 3 letter words. However, you may want to start trying around the age of 3 or 4. They will let you know if they’re interested or not!

Before your little one can learn to spell they must master the alphabet. The names of the letters do not matter as much as the sounds they make. These are called phonemes. These sounds are likely to be different from the sounds that you were taught in school. So, be sure to check them out here.

When your child is confident with the phonemes they will be ready to learn our 3 letter spellings. Download them HERE.

What’s included in the Learn to Spell 3 Letter Words Pack?

20 common 3 letter words that will capture your child’s interest. Each word has a colourful, kid-friendly illustration and boxes for the letters.

How to Use

  1. Identify the WordAsk your little one to name the pictures.
  2. Phoneme Fingers – Say the word out loud, breaking it into its different phonemes. E.g. c/a/r. As you say each phoneme raise a finger. So, for car, you will raise three fingers. When you have demonstrated a few times, let your little speller have a go. They should be able to hear three different phonemes in each word.
  3. Write the word – Have your child write the letters they heard when doing their phoneme fingers.

Not Writing Yet? This activity also works for those who have not learnt how to write the letters of the alphabet yet. Support them by doing the writing, as long as they tell you which letters to use. Or, you could write the letters on little squares of paper and let them place them in the boxes on the worksheets.

Make it Fun

Children learn best through play so it’s always a good idea to make their learning fun. Try playing ‘Fetch the Letters’ to make learning to spell a bit more active. Write the letters on little squares and spread them out a distance away. Challenge them to hop, skip or roly-poly to collect the letters needed for each word.

Treasure Chests

Did you notice the treasure chests? They mean your child has the chance to win a super certificate or mystery prize! To claim, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Complete the 3 letter word spellings.
  2. Copy the letters from the treasure chest boxes into the code grid. Be careful, the treasure chests are numbered to show you the order they belong in the code grid.
  3. Go to our Treasure Code Page.
  4. Enter the code and claim your reward!


Did You Love Our 3 Letter Word Spelling Sheets?

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