How to Draw a Treasure Chest

How to Draw a Treasure Chest Step by Step Guide

Pirates are known for walking the plank, battles on the high seas and most importantly, buried treasure. If you’d like your own, follow this guide on How to Draw a Treasure Chest. Doubloons are not included.

How To Draw A Treasure Chest Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Front

Draw two parallel lines on a slight right-angle, about two inches apart. Connect the lines at both ends.

How to Draw a Treasure Chest step 1

Did you know? Most pirate treasures were not gold, but fabric, cocoa or food!

Step 2 – Inside

Draw an angled line from the top-right corner of the rectangle and the top-left corner, then connect them.

step 2

Step 3 – Chest Base

From the bottom right-hand corner of your lower rectangle, draw a line that stops directly beneath the top right-hand corner of your upper rectangle. Then connect both.

How to Draw a Treasure Chest step 3

Step 4 – Lid

From the top-right corner of the upper rectangle, draw a large D. On the top-left corner, draw a line of the same length and angle, and connect them.


Step 5 – Lid details

Inside the large D, draw two lines. Create a semi-circle inside the curve of the D then add two short dashes. In the top-left corner of the lid, draw a small line at a slight right-angle, connect the end to the straight line of the D. Connect the other end to the bottom of the lid.

How to Draw a Treasure Chest step 5

Step 6 – Hook

Draw a bubble-letter C on the side of the chest. Add another bubble-letter C sideways through the hook.

Step 7 – Padlock

Underneath the hook, draw a sideways D with the curve downwards. Within the D, draw a J that connects to halfway across the curve. Inside this section, draw a keyhole, then shade it in.

Did you know? Pirates rarely buried treasure. Instead, they would share it amongst themselves.

Step 8 – Chest details

Make a dot inside the bottom-left corner of the inside of the chest. Connect this to the bottom-right corner and inside the top-right corner. Draw straight lines across the sides of the chest. Add thick dots in each corner for nails.

Step 9 – Pearls

Draw small circles in the shape of a necklace, so that they are overhanging the right side of the chest. Draw a smaller version beside it. Draw lines of equal spacing across the sides of the chest.

Step 10 – Booty

Draw small ovals and circles for the coins, with small, curved lines for texture. For the jewels, a triangle on top of a square. Draw two lines from the top point of the triangle, to the bottom line and do the same for the square.

treasure chest 1

Step 11 – Colouring in

You can use shading to create depth and texture. Get creative by adding markings on your coins or reflecting light on the jewels.

How to Draw a Treasure Chest uide colour

Well done! You’ve Etched a Treasure Chest!

Make your chest unique. You could paint it black and draw a skull and crossbones on the side, add jewels and peg-legs, or even perch a parrot on top!

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