How To Draw A Carrot

How to Draw a Carrot Step By Step Guide

Carrots are one of the world’s favourite vegetables. They are sweet and delicious and a lot of fun to draw. Follow our step-by-step guide on How to Draw a Carrot, and soon you can have a bunch of your own!

How To Draw A Carrot

Step One – Create the shape

Draw a short line in the centre of the page. On the left side of the line, draw downwards towards you. Give it a few wiggles to make the carrot’s bumps.

Did you know? Baby carrots are not mini carrots! They are full-sized carrots that have been shaved down.

Step Two – Finish the shape

At the bottom of the long line draw a soft V, but this time make sure the bottom is pointing downwards. Draw another line upwards, with more wiggles, and attach it to the first short line.

Step Three – Top of the carrot

Draw a slightly curved line on top of the carrot, like a lazy C. Both ends of the C should touch the carrot, and the curve should face the top of the page. Add two small leaves like bunny ears on the left.

Step Four – Start the leaves

Draw a short line upwards, between the bunny ears and two capital Js, back to back, so that the top of the Js touch. Then connect them to the first line using the bottom of each J.

Did you know? Carrots contain lots of Vitamin A, which you see in low light and fight off illnesses.

Step Five – Add more leaves

This shape is a little bit complicated. Draw a line upwards on top of the carrot. Draw a small N, another J and then a short line down. Attach this line to a backwards J and connect the bottom of it to your first line.

Step Six – Final leaf

To the right of the middle leaf, draw another line. Turn the leaf out towards the edge of the page and use small Ns and Ls to make the shape.

Step Seven – Details

Draw some short lines of different lengths across each side of the carrot. Add a few dots, here and there for texture.

Step Eight – Colour and shading

Now it’s time to colour in. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can add water drops or show the light shining on the carrot with shading.

Did you know? In the middle ages, carrots were purple or white!

Well done! You Have Created a Cute Carrot!

There are over 40 different species of carrots in shades of purple, orange, yellow and white, so you can use any colour you like. Maybe you could draw tiny, round Romeo carrots that are 2 inches long and look like tangerines. Or, you could even draw Giants of Colmar carrots which can be up to 12 inches long! You can use a ruler to measure it. If you enjoyed this, you might like to try drawing this adorable amphibian, or try making a paper sunflower

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