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Free, Printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Looking for some great worksheets for your little one to practice their addition skills? Our free, printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets are just what you need. They are clear, simple to follow and we have some great tips to support your child whilst they learn.

Before You Start

Your child needs to have mastered a few key skills before they can tackle these addition activities. They must;

  • Recognise the numbers up to 10.
  • Be able to count to 10.
  • Understand the concept of addition.

If your child needs help developing these skills first, try our Free Printable Maths for Reception Worksheets. They are a perfect resource for teaching little ones numbers, shapes, counting and more.

Already have a confident counter? Then let’s take on single digit addition together…

What’s included in our Single Digit Addition Worksheet Pack?

Single Digit Addition Equations – Pages 1 to 3

These addition worksheets are a wonderful way for young children to practice adding. There are 3 pages of problems to solve, perfect for making sure their learning sticks.

Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Single Digit Addition Sums – Pages 4 to 6

Time to practice with some sums that look slightly different. Make sure your child understands that they must add the two numbers that are above the line and write the answer below the line. Again, there are 3 pages of these addition activities to give your mini mathematician lots of opportunities to practice.

Single Digit Addition Dominoes – Page 7

Dominoes are a great tool to practice addition, both on paper and in real life. Have your child count the numbers on each half of the domino, add them and write their answer in the box. If you have some real dominoes they may enjoy getting these out and adding them up too!

Single Digit Addition Counting

How to Help

If your child is just starting to practice addition here are some great ways to support them;

  • Manipulatives – These are small objects that can be moved around. They are great for helping children figure out how addition works. Look at the equation and make a pile of objects to represent each number. Next, combine the piles to ‘add’ them. Finally, count the total number of objects to find the answer.

Top Tip – Try to keep the piles ‘organised’ e.g. in tidy lines or towers of blocks. This helps when trying to visualise the answer.

  • Drawing – Instead of using manipulatives, draw objects to count on paper. These could be simple shapes, like circles or squares. Or, make it more fun by drawing smiley faces or sweets.
  • Dice – Turn 2 dice to show each number in the problem. Count the number of dots to find the answer.
  • Counting up with fingers – Start with a closed hand and say the first number in the equation out loud. Now raise one finger at a time and count aloud until you have raised as many fingers as the second number in the equation.

Ready to get started?

Download our free, printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets HERE. (Without Treasure Code)

Hunting For Treasure?

Are you searching for treasure and prizes on Just Family Fun? Download our Treasure Code version of Single Digit Addition Worksheets HERE. Use your child’s answers to complete the code and enter it on our Treasure Code page. Will they win a fantastic certificate or an exciting mystery prize?

Download our free, printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets HERE. ( With Treasure Code )

Loved our single digit addition exercises?

When your child has completed these single digit addition problems they will be ready to move on to our Free Printable Addition Chart PDF, which includes great new ways to visualise the sums, double and triple digit addition and fun colour challenges. Or, perhaps they are ready for subtraction? Try our Free, Printable Subtracting Chart and Worksheets for a fun way to learn.

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