Treasure Code


Claim your free gift by finding a treasure code hidden around Just Family Fun!

Have you noticed some treasure chests on one of our brilliant worksheets? Maybe you’ve spotted some sneaky treasure chests hiding on our site? Or, perhaps you have received one with a purchase from our Etsy shop?

If so, you have come to the right place! By entering your special code in the box below you will receive a free gift! This could be a brilliant certificate or a fantastic mystery prize!

How to Play

Treasure Hunting on our Worksheets

We love helping your children learn to read, write, master maths and conquer science. We also understand that it can be tricky for them and want to provide as much encouragement and as many rewards for them as we can. That’s why some of our worksheets have an extra rewarding surprise for completing them! Follow the steps below to claim your prize.

  1. Download one of our free worksheets or activities.
  2. You may spot a numbered treasure chest symbol next to some of the answer boxes.
  3. Fill your answers into the ‘treasure chest answers’ grid at the end of the worksheet.
  4. When you have completed the grid, you will have your special code! Be careful though, it will only work if all of your answers are correct.
  5. Come back to this Treasure Code page and enter your special code and your name.
  6. Receive your prize!

If your child was thrilled with their prize, they will love to know that they can win some more! Keep trying our different worksheets and activities and who knows, they may get lucky again!

Treasure Hunting in our Etsy Shop

Our Etsy shop is a great place to find personalised gifts, signs and wall art. Kids love our door signs with their name and choice of fab design. Are they fans of unicorns, football, fairies, pirates or teddies? We have something to suit everyone! Maybe you are looking for a gift for a grown-up? We have beautiful, personalised family tree wall art and photo wall art too. To thank all of our lovely Etsy shoppers we wanted to give you a chance to find a special code too!

  1. Visit the Just Family Fun Etsy Shop
  2. Check out our fantastic range of personalised bedroom door signs, family tree wall art and wooden photo gifts.
  3. Make a purchase and you may receive a special code.
  4. Come back to this Treasure Code page and enter your special code and your name.
  5. Receive your prize!

More Treasure Hunting Opportunities

We love to spread the love at Just Family Fun! We really appreciate everyone who visits our site and Facebook page and tries out our great games and puzzles, colouring pages and crafts. So sometimes special codes may appear around our site or be given away to our lovely readers. If you spot one of these, come back to this page and enter your code and name to receive your prize!

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