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Free Printable Maths For Reception Worksheets

From identifying shapes to measuring things to telling time and even cooking, all aspects of our lives are linked to Mathematics. As maths is needed almost every day, it is essential to build maths skills for your children. Strong mathematics skills showcase strong critical thinking and logical skills as well as ensures academic success. Maths For Reception Worksheets are here to help with that.

Mathematics for children is about shapes, quantification, differentiation, and comparison. Kids use maths even when they are unaware of its concepts. For instance, a 2-year-old child will pick the jar with more chocolates than the one with single chocolate. Young children instinctively use their inherent maths skills to their benefit. JustFamilyFun’s maths worksheets our here to help your kids to learn and practice fundamental mathematics problems in a fun way. This book is downloadable and printable.

Details of the maths for reception worksheets

The book has vivid colours and 15 pages of maths activities. This book has everything you need to learn basic maths, from matching the shapes to basic addition or subtraction, to keep your young ones enjoying learning.

1. Trace the Shapes

The fun begins with the very first activity in the book, ‘Trace the Shapes’. This tracing activity helps the kids get more comfortable with the basic shapes and develop their fine motor skills.

trace the shapes worksheets & Maths For Reception Worksheets

2. Number Matching

The next activity in the book is ‘Number Matching’. This activity is perfect for young ones learning their numbers and how to count. Kids must count the fingers on the worksheet and match them with the correct written number.

number matching

3. Counting Cats & Dogs

‘Counting Cats & Dogs’ is the third activity sheet in the book. Kids will love this adorable Dog and Cat number counting activity. It promotes counting as well as animal recognition.

Maths For Reception Worksheets

4. Matching Shapes

‘Matching Shapes’ is the fourth activity sheet in the book. This activity helps kids recognise and learn the basic shapes and match them with the correct written name. This way, the kids learn basic shapes as well as their spelling.

matching shapes worksheets

5. Trace the Numbers

The fifth fun activity in the book is ‘Trace the Numbers’. Thanks to this activity, the kids can learn how to write numbers from 0 to 5 and count the objects to 5.

Maths For Reception Worksheets

6. Write the Time on the Clock

The sixth activity in the Maths For Reception Worksheets is ‘Write the Time on the Clock’. We all know telling the time can be difficult for kids to learn. This activity helps your kid practice telling time by making the hour/minutes hand on the clock as per the time mentioned on the worksheet.

learning the time

7. & 10. Match the Shapes

The seventh and tenth activities in the book are ‘Match the Shapes’. These activities help kids recognise and learn the basic shapes and match them with the correct day-to-day objects. We have two different worksheets to match the shapes. In the first worksheet you must match basic 2D shapes with the correct objects. However, in the other worksheet, you must match basic 3D shapes with the correct objects. This way, the kids learn basic shapes better.

match the shapes

8. Colour & Count the Shapes

‘Colour & Count the Shapes’ is the eighth fun activity in the book. This activity helps kids to recognise shapes as well as count and colour them. This is a better way to make the kids recognise shapes, count objects as well as colour.

Maths For Reception Worksheets

9. & 14. Addition & Basic Addition

‘Addition’ and ‘Basic Addition’ are the ninth and fourteenth fun activities in the book. These activities help kids to count the dots / basic objects and add numbers. The use of colours and objects instead of numbers makes it an enjoyable choice for kids to learn addition.

addition worksheets

11. & 12. Count & Mark

‘Count & Mark’ are the eleventh and twelfth fun activities in the book. There are two different worksheets for this activity. The black and white worksheet has numbers in a circle and daily objects that must be counted. The children must count the objects and colour the correct number circle. The other version of this activity has food items that must be counted, and the correct number should be written in the corresponding boxes.

count and marking worksheets

13. Basic Subtraction

‘Subtraction’ is the thirteenth worksheet in the book. These activities help kids to recognise animals, count them as well as subtract the numbers. The right answers must be filled in the corresponding boxes. The use of animals along with numbers makes it an enjoyable worksheet for kids to learn subtraction.

basic subtraction worksheets

15. What Shape Comes Next

The last worksheet of the book is ‘What Shape Comes Next’. This activity helps develop kids’ logical reasoning skills. This worksheet is an easy and fun way to set the foundation for basic problem-solving in mathematics.

what shape comes next

Like the Worksheets in our book?

If you like the activities in the book and believe this book will help your kid have fun whilst learning maths skills. Download our ‘My Maths Book’ now.


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