pin the horn on the unicorn

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Printable Game Templates

If you are looking for a fun alternative on pin the tail on the donkey, then our free printable, pin the horn on the unicorn is exactly what you need! This game is perfect if you need something to spruce up a birthday party or a day of fun indoors. All you need to do is print off our three styles of pin the horn on the unicorn, which comes with two coloured options and one blank unicorn so the kids can colour it in and decorate their own unicorn.

This is the ultimate classic party game that all kids and family members can enjoy together and have so much fun playing it. Pin the horn on the unicorn offers laughter for everyone. To start, download it here, print off and let the fun begin!

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

What you will need to play pin the horn on the unicorn:

  • Firstly, download and print off our pin the horn on the unicorn
  • Use scissors to cut out the unicorn and horns
  • A pen, pencil, felt tips (colouring in the blank)
  • Blutack, pins, Sellotape, or anything adhesive you can stick the horn onto the unicorn with.
  • Blindfold for covering the eyes: Use a cloth, sock, scarf or check out some of our printable kids masks.

How to play pin the horn on the unicorn:  

  1. Make sure you have our pin the horn on the unicorn downloaded and printed.
  2. Cut out the unicorn and the horns carefully.
  3. If you are choosing the blank option, colour in and decorate it first. Get as creative as you like!
  4. Hand out a unicorn horn to each player, make sure they write their name on the back to determine a winner.
  5. Stick, hang or attach the unicorn head to a wall, fence, door or anywhere you like! If the kids are playing, make sure to hang it at arm’s reach.
  6. Pick the first player and choose a method they can use to stick the horn on the unicorn. Be careful if you are using pins!
  7. Blindfold the player, make sure they can’t see and turn them round five times. Hand them their unicorn horn and allow them to find their way to the unicorn’s head.
  8. Allow each player to have their turn! If this is a party, make sure to take plenty of funny pictures and videos to remember.
  9. Once everyone has had a turn, the winner is declared to the person who has pinned the horn on the unicorn the closest.

Tip: If you want to make it fun, reward the winner with a treat, or extra party bag.


Now that you have had a barrel of laughs playing a funny classic game, why not check out some of our other party games, including pin the nose on the clown. We also have a wide ranges of games & puzzles, colouring pages and crafts to keep the kids and family occupied. 

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