Free Printable Emoji Quizzes With Answers

Do your kids like emojis? Chances are, even if they are not old enough for a mobile just yet, they are probably very familiar with emojis.

Nursery and reception often feature them around the classroom to demonstrate emotions, as they allow students to quickly point to how they are feeling. Emojis are wonderfully universal and can be understood by anyone regardless of what language they speak.

This makes them a valuable tool to use for children’s emotional and mental development, which as parents is so important. We want to make sure that the activities our children engage in are helping them learn more about the world around them.

Printable Emoji Quizzes With Answers

Here at JustFamilyFun we have created a fun and educational way to do just that by utilizing emojis. Our brand new and free Guess the Emoji quizzes with answers combine emojis to represent different words that together can represent a story title, a movie, or even a famous band! They are visually interesting to look at with bright colors and funny emojis, which help your child focus on the task of figuring out what each combination is. And, because these emojis are so visual it has the added bonus of helping sharpen critical and creative thinking skills as they try to work out the connection between the emojis and the possible words they represent!

This is a great exercise for primarily older children, though we are confident that even your youngest will love the Disney themed one. Even grown-ups will enjoy trying to solve them.

These sheets are great for filling in the downtime that occurs in between remote lessons, or as a rainy-day activity that can be done together. The best part of these sheets is that there is no rush to finish them, allowing your child the time to think and process the possible word matches at their own pace.

And, once these sheets do get completed, they can act as a wonderful, colorful list of movies, bands, and stories to engage with together as a family. Need a movie for the weekend? Take a look at the Disney themed sheet for a movie idea. Is there a band or song that your children haven’t heard yet? Why not use the emoji sheet to introduce them to the music? This can be a great family bonding experience and a way for your children to explore vocabulary and word-play, with an interactive step.

Ready to discover the fun? Select a quiz below and print.

You can download the Guess the Emoji Print Out Sheets above. Please feel free to share this page with anyone you think might find it beneficial, including teachers. We are confident that our sheets are a great source for educational fun in the classroom, whether it is in person or remote. We hope you enjoy this activity! Please be sure to share with us if your children had fun. We love to hear from you.

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