free printable easter scavenger hunt

Free Printable Easter Picture Scavenger Hunt

Ready for some family fun this Spring? Download this free printable Easter scavenger hunt from Just Family Fun and let the good times roll! Set up this scavenger hunt anywhere for an exciting and educational activity. Scavenger hunts are great physical and mental exercise for young children. They help children develop their observational and problem-solving skills in a fun and hands-on way. Scavenger hunting games are also great for teaching kids teamwork. Your little ones will love following the clues and finding find these adorable Easter-themed cutouts. Words and pictures are provided so younger children can focus on recognition and word pronunciation while older kids can practice reading words. Printable clues, hidable pictures, and a checklist with images and words for hunting are provided.

Getting started with Our Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

  • Download and from Just Family Fun
  • Print up the PDFs
  • Cut out the clues and pictures
  • Optional: laminate the clues, images, and checklist and use a dry erase pen so you can play again and again or save for next Easter.
  • Hide the pictures and clues around the house or outdoors
  • Give your child the checklist and a writing implement
  • Set your little hunter loose!

Hunt to Music

Put on your favorite easter themed music and crank up the volume to increase the festive fun.

Got a few hunters?

Print and cut out multiple PDFs to increase the size and scope of the hunting grounds. Create teams to tackle the hunt. If you have a mixed-age group of children, it’s a good idea to balance out each team with older and younger children. Younger kids will love hunting with their big buddies and older kids will enjoy helping their younger counterparts discover the clues!

Add a time Limit and Prizes!

Increase the excitement and the challenge by adding a time limit. If you’ve printed and hidden multiple images, have kids put an additional check by each picture they find. Count the checks at the end. First, see who found the most of each image, then see who found the most images overall. Prizes add another layer of enjoyment. Offer a treat or special privilege to the winners in each category and to the overall winner.

Take advantage of the educational opportunities

Make sure younger children practice saying the names of the items represented in the pictures several times. For older children, write the name of the item on the back of the picture and hide face down. Encourage their reading skills by having them read the word out loud before they turn over the picture. They’ll love flipping the cut-out over and having their reading reinforced!

Easter Holiday Ideas For Even More Fun!

If you’re looking to make the big day extra memorable, Incorporate Just Family Fun’s Easter scavenger hunt into your Easter holiday fun!

  • Hide Easter eggs or treats together with the cut-out images.
  • Replace the images with real or toy visions of the images. Use the cut-out clues to find them and tick them off the checklist.

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