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Downloadable Easter Learning Activities Book

Easter time is coming and if you’re looking for some activities for your children, we have an amazing Easter learning activity book. It’s so important for children to keep their brains active even during the school holidays, and these learning activities are going to help their learning.

This book has lots of stencilled activities and lots of room for your children to doodle and write. The pages can be printed on any type of paper and are super easy and completely free to download. It contains 68 pages of fun activities for your children to complete this Easter with the options to add their own creative spin with colours and glitter if they wish!


Maths is such an important part of education. Our Easter learning activities book contains a bunch of different maths problems to get your children thinking.

What’s included in the book

It begins with some super fun tracing and cutting practice perfect for your children to get creative and practise their drawing and art skills. They could use pencils, pens, or even paints to fill in the blank spaces around the activities.

This is followed by a game where they have to match the Easter items and identify which item is the biggest. We have included a good old-fashioned spot-the-difference page that you can help them with too. All of these activities are going to keep your children engaged and eager to learn.

Who remembers the game ‘I Spy’? Lots of children love to play this game and it is also included in the activities book. Along with this, there are lots of pages for your children to colour in using lots of bright colours and add some glitter and sparkle to. These are great pages for you to get interactive with your children and play along with them if you want to join in.

If your children love to count and are keen learners, we have lots of pages for them to count colourful Easter-related items like Easter eggs and cute chicks, and a count by numbers page. Following the counting pages, there is an amazing Easter Bingo activity and more colouring and counting pages.

This Easter learning activities book is going to be great to keep your children occupied during the Easter holidays. It helps them improve their counting and colouring skills whilst giving them the option to be creative and have lots of fun at home. If the weather is warm, they could take the booklet outside and sit in the sun.

Download our Easter learning activities book for free and print it out ready for your children to get creative and more importantly, get learning during Easter time! Feel free to check out all of our other downloadable and printable activities for children too.


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