Printable Unicorn Head Outline

Unicorns capture the imagination of children and adults alike. These mythical creatures symbolise hope as well as representing goodness, happiness and peace.

Whether you love unicorns or you’re celebrating National Unicorn Day which occurs on April 9 the Unicorn Head Outlines from Just Family Fun will be the perfect resource.

Whilst the horns are unlikely to have powers to heal wounds and sickness and to neutralize poison like some myths suggest your little one with love colouring them in or making crafts.

What’s Included in our unicorn head outline templates

We created three free printable unicorn outlines perfect for any craft activities and DIY projects. You can use them to make birthday party decorations, goody bags, invitations, homemade cards, colouring pages, or simply as stencils for tracing.

unicorn head clipart
printable unicorn head outline
clipart unicorn head

What Can Our Unicorn Head Outlines Be Used For?

The Unicorn heads can be downloaded as a pdf, used to decorate or colour, and used for various craft activities.

They can also be printed out and used to create unicorn head stencils or unicorn head templates. Use them to paint Unicorn heads on pictures, cards, clothes, walls or anywhere else you fancy having these mythical creatures displayed. 

If you’re looking for unicorn head outline craft inspiration, we have several ideas below.

Unicorn Head Mask

Print and cut out one of the unicorn heads, we prefer to use the half head outline for this craft but it would work with any of our outlines. Draw around the template on card stock or foam. Cut out the eyes. Then colour or decorate the head with glitter and sparkles. Glue or sellotape a paper straw to one side of the mask. Your unicorn mask is finished.

Unicorn Foamie Heads

Print and cut out your choice of a unicorn head. Use the outline to draw around on foam or card. Cut out the head and add pipe cleaners or pom poms to create long hair. Maybe some pom-poms for hair decor. Add facial features with some felt tips or paint. Then use glitter over large areas to brighten your unicorn up.


The magical creature that looks like a horse with a kind of narwhal horn is usually depicted with a white body, blue eyes, and hair that’s different shades of blues, purples, and greens. However, as many different descriptions of unicorns exist depending on the part of the world you come from these unicorn head outlines can be decorated however your small person wishes.

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