Printable Heart Outline Templates

These heart outline templates may be perfect for Valentine’s day crafts but they are also really good for celebrating any other love-related days such as Mother’s or Father’s day. They’re also great for fun or educational craft activities about the heart. 

The good news is that out of the goodness of our hearts, these printable heart-shaped outlines which can be used to create heart templates and stencils are free to download and print.

What’s Included in our heart outline templates

As there are so many heart-related activities we’ve included over ten different-sized outlines for you to choose between. The hearts are designed with your needs in mind and they have black outlines with no background.

We’ve included simple, cute, black and white outlines of hearts in every size and shape. There are:

  • Small hearts
  • Mini hearts
  • Double heart outline
  • A4 sized hearts
  • Large hearts
  • Basic hearts
  • Broken hearts
  • Hearts with arrows
heart outlines
love hearts outline
outline heart
white heart outline

What Can Our Heart Outlines Be Used For?

Like all of our outlines, these heart outlines can be used as simple colouring pages or as cutouts for children and adults alike to apply to cards and other crafts.

They can also be used to create templates and stencils so you can add coloured hearts and  outlines to pictures, bags, clothes and walls etc.

There are some great ideas of how you can use our heart outline below if you need some inspiration.

Valentines or Mothers Day Cards

Use any of the love heart outlines to make a cute card for a preschooler to give to any member of the family.

A cute idea is to ask the child to practice their cutting skills to cut out the heart. Stick it onto a blank card. Then add small pieces of red tissue paper to the heart shape. Next, write “I love you to pieces” on the front of the card.

Fun fact: 145 million cards are sent on valentines day each year.

Yarn Hearts

Print out one of the heart shapes and apply it to some cardboard. Cut out the heart shape. Use different shades of red yarn to wrap around the heart

Heart Robots

This is such a cute craft for preschoolers.  Grab a few toilet roll tubes and glue a small heart that you have cut out and coloured in, onto the front of the tube. Then apply

  • facial features using googly eyes or felt pens,
  • arms using concertina folded paper
  • and maybe pipe cleaner hair

Pin the heart on the Body

Take a large piece of paper (or lots stuck together) and draw around your preschooler. Draw or stick-on facial features and hair.

Next pin the body up on the wall, fence or even a tree. Then ask your preschooler to pin one of the cutout heart outlines onto the body where they think it should be.

As an extension, you could

  • make it a little more challenging and try it blindfolded.

measure the length of the body as well if you fancy incorporating a little bit of maths


Hearts are traditionally red but why not let your little one create hearts in any colour such as purple, gold, pink, blue, or orange. There is no end to the range of crafts you could use these heart outlines for – we hope you like our ideas and are creative and come up with some of your own. 

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