Free Printable House Outline

If you’re looking for some 2D house outline templates to use as colouring pages or as templates for crafts these free printable house templates from Just Family Fun make the perfect resource for children and adults alike.

They would work well if learning about houses and homes or simply to use as a template, stencil or pattern for a range of crafts or educational activities.

What’s Included in our house outline templates

We’ve included a set of 5 different 2D house outlines.

  • a blank template without doors and windows
  • a simple house with one door and window
  • 2 houses with varying degrees of detail

Print and cut out your house of choice and use it for colouring, crafts, stencils, and more.

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house outline clipart
home template
home graphic
building outline

What Can Our House Outline Be Used For?

The range of activities you can use the house outlines for is vast, but to get you started we’ve included a few ideas below.

Colouring Pages

The printable blank house template makes the perfect colouring page for preschoolers. They can add doors and windows and be as creative as they wish.

Older children may prefer to use the more detailed house templates or even the mansion.

Colouring allows children to be creative and it can be great for relaxation. Perfect therapy if your child is stressed by exams or workload.

In My House

Use the house outlines to start a conversation about who lives in your house and how some homes may have different family members living there.

Discuss The Different Types of Houses

Talk to your child about the different shapes and sizes that houses can be. They may be as small as just one room, or they may have hundreds of rooms. Discuss how they come in many different shapes, and how they may have just one level or several different levels.


There are so many things that you can use these 5 printable house outlines for. Whatever craft or activity you choose to use them for we hope you have lots of fun learning and houses and homes.

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