Printable Flag Outline Templates

Vexillology is the study of flags! If you’re studying flags, travels, geography, history or just looking for simple craft activity these flag outlines will make the perfect resource.

Use these free printable flag outline templates as simple colouring pages, to make bunting or flag collages from. They also make great stencils or templates to put flags anywhere you fancy.

flag outline

What’s Included With Our Flag Outline Templates

The downloadable pdf includes three different designs for you to choose between. Each A4-sized outline features a black outline on a white background.

The flags area is attached to a flagpole and the material looks like it is blowing in the wind.

outline of a flag
printable blank flag
flag outline

What Can Our Flag Outlines Be Used For?

There are a plethora of arts and crafts activities that you can use these flag outlines for.  Like most of our outlines, they can be printed and cut out to make templates and stencils to make flag images on walls, paper or anywhere you need a picture of a flag.

These flags can be used for activities relating to any country around the world, except for Nepal, Switzerland and the Vatican City (the latter two have square flags and the former has two triangles stacked on top of each other).

Flag Collage

A great crafting activity to learn what the United Kingdoms’ or your nation’s flag looks like. Print one of the outlines and grab some tissue paper in the colours of the flag you’re learning about.

  • Rip up small pieces of tissue paper
  • Cover your flag outline in glue
  • Scrunch up the small bits of tissue paper and stick them onto the blank outline of the flag

It’s often easier to start with the colour that appears least on the flag.

Flag Bunting

Whether you’re celebrating the Olympics, World Cup, St Georges Day (or any other national day like St Davids’s Day or St Andrews day), Independence day or another day of celebration making bunting is a great crafting activity.

  • Print and cut out your flag of choice
  • Colour it in with crayons, and pencils or use the flag collage from above
  • Stick string to the back of each flag
  • Hang the flag bunting up


There are plenty of crafting activities you can use these flag outlines for – whether you’re interested in vexillology or learning about countries, where they’re located or having a trip on holiday. 

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