195 Free Printable Flag Flashcards

Learning all about the flags of the world is easy and fun with these free and versatile flag flashcards!

Every country in the world has a different flag that represents the country and the people who live there.

Included in this pack are flashcards of 195 flags from all over the globe. There are 9 flashcards per page of the PDF, and each flashcard contains a clear, full-colour picture of the flag with the name of the country written under it. The PDF is free to download, and easy to print!

These free printable world flags with names are perfect for both the classroom and for at-home learning activities, and can be used in activities that suit children of all ages.

Top tip: if you are planning to cut these flashcards out, make sure that the ‘print on both sides of the paper’ option is selected OFF in your printer settings!

It’s time to study the flags of the world!

Flag Flashcards Activity Ideas:

The Colours of the Flags:

Some of the flags around the world are very simple – some countries only use a stripe of two different colours, while other countries have much more interesting designs. Take a look at the flag of Wales for example – it has a scary dragon on it!

Children can look at the differences between the flags, and decide which designs are their favourite. Ask them what they like about these flags – do they like the pattern, the colours, or the design?

Help them to research the meanings behind the colours and design of their favourite flags. Many country flags have special symbolism for the country they represent: for example, the Italian flag is coloured green, white, and red, which symbolise hope, faith, and charity – although it is often said that these colours also represent the basil, tomato sauce, and mozzarella on a delicious Italian pizza!

Another fun activity that children will love is to recreate some of the world flags in the most imaginative creative way possible. Instead of just drawing a flag onto a piece of paper and colouring it in, why not gather up some brightly coloued household items, and arrange them on the floor or table to recreate the designs of different flags?

You can be as creative as you like when making your flags – you could make them from a collage of pictures from magazines, help your child to paint them using their feet, or even use some healthy food arranged on a plate to create scrummy edible flags!

Don’t forget to take pictures!

Fun Facts:

If you would like your child to learn about the flags from around the world while learning some facts about the countries at the same time, you could play this educational and engaging match-up activity:

Print off and cut out the flashcards for the countries you are interested in learning about. Research some simple key facts about these countries – for example if one of your countries is France, you could write: ‘the capital city is Paris,’ or ‘people speak French.’

Print off and cut out your fun facts, and shuffle them all together with the flag flashcards. Spread these out on the table, and ask your child to match up the facts to the correct country flag flashcard.

Once all the facts are correctly sorted and placed with their country flashcard, you can investigate them further – can you find the countries and their capital cities on the map?

Find some pictures online of what the country’s scenery and cities look like, what the people who live there wear, and what kind of food they eat. You could even find some YouTube videos to listen to people speaking the language!

Another idea for slightly older children could be to help them to research their own facts about a country. Ask them to select a country from the pack of flag flashcards that they are interested in learning about.

Using the internet or an encyclopaedia, they can then find out some fun facts about the language, population and culture of the country. Children can be asked to give a short presentation about what they have learned about the country that they selected.

You can find many ways to make this fun – they could dress in the colours of the country’s flag, play music that is traditional to the country, and introduce their presentation by saying ‘hello!’ in the country’s language

Memorisation Games:

It’s very important to know what the flags of the major countries in the world look like – luckily, these free printable flashcards make learning easy!

Simply print and cut out two copies of the flashcard of each country that you want your child to learn. Shuffle your printed flag flashcards and lay them face down on the table, spread out in a grid formation. Children should select and turn over two flashcards at a time, and identify the country shown on each one.

If the countries match, the flag cards can remain facing face upwards on the table. If they don’t match, never mind! Children should simply turn both cards back over, and select another two cards from the grid to try and match up.

The game is over when all the flag cards are matched and facing upwards – congratulations, you’ve won!

We recommend using up to six countries for each game – using more than twelve cards can get a little bit tricky!

Upping the challenge:

Once you’re familiar with the look of the flags and the names of their countries, it’s time to up the challenge! Fold the bottom of the flash cards so that the name of the country can’t be seen, and ask your child if they are still able to identify the country from the flag alone. Clues may be given!

Alternatively, using scissors, you can cut the name of the country off of the flag card, and shuffle the flags and country names together on the table. Ask your child to match the correct country name to the correct flag.

To make this even more of an exciting challenge, try repeating this activity with a timer to see how quickly your child can match them all correctly! If you have multiple children doing this activity, you could also hold a race to see who can complete it the fastest!

There are a million and one ways to use these amazing printable flags of the world flashcards – these are just a few of them! We hope you enjoy learning and getting creative with them.


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