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Free Printable Colour Flashcards

If you’re looking for the perfect resource to help your child learn lots of different colours, these colour flashcards will be just perfect to boost colour recognition, identification and awareness.

There are so many ways that you can use these free colour flashcards, which are presented as a free pdf that’s downloadable and printable.

Whether you want to help your children improve their vocabulary or as a foundation for creativity you will find these flashcards extremely useful. As each colour flashcard includes the written name for the colour it can be a great way to help young ones read and spell colours.

Start using these colour cards when your child is as young as 18 months, as that’s when toddlers start to recognize the different colours around them. Although it might be a while before they can say the names of the colours, exposing your child to lots of colours can come in handy in a wide range of situations. Helping them have a strong knowledge of colours can help them recognise green as a safe colour and red as a colour that means danger.

What’s Included

We’ve included 25 colour flashcards on 5 A4 pages. There are 4 colours on each A$ sheet, so each flashcard is ¼ A4.

The colours contained in the pdf are red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, brown, orange, black, white, grey, lime green, turquoise, indigo, lilac, fuchsia, tan, beige, gold, and silver.

Each flashcard has a paint splodge of colour, and to help with visual learning they have the colour in words written in black below.

What Can Our Colour Flashcards Be Used For?

There are so many things you can use our free colour printables for preschoolers for. We’ve listed just a few ideas below to get you started.

Please feel free to print as many of these free flashcards for toddlers, stick them on cards and laminate them to make them last for a long time.

Inspire Creativity

Ask your child to select three cards. Then ask them to draw or paint a picture using those colours.

Why not place our colours posters on the wall so they can be inspired by colours whenever they fancy doing some writing. The poster can also be great to stick on the wall in a toddler’s bedroom so they see the different colours all the time.

Colour Match Game

Our flashcards make the ideal free colour matching printables. Pick a card, and ask your child to find something that matches the colour. It’s a simple but effective idea to teach colours.

Variation for older child: Pick a colour flashcard at random. Ask your child to name three things that are usually that colour.

Imaginative Writing

Place the colour cards face down. Ask your child to select two or three cards and write a story or describe something using their selected colours.

Variation: if your child isn’t at the writing stage, help them learn to spell the words. Why not print out our alphabet flashcards, and cut them out. Give your child a colour flashcard and ask them to spell the word written under the card using the alphabet letters. Start with a simple word like red and make it progressively harder.

Colour Snap

Print out several copies of the colour flashcards. Cut them out, place them in a pile and give them a good shuffle.

Deal out the cards between all the players. The youngest player places a card face up, taking it in turns, going clockwise, each player places a card down next. If the card placed on top matches the colour directly underneath, the players must shout snap. The players to shout the magic word first get to keep the pile of cards. Keep playing until one player has all the cards. The player with all the cards on the card is the winner.

All the Colours of the Rainbow

Select the flashcards featuring colours from the rainbow (use purple as violet). Ask your child to put the cards into the order of the rainbow. If they don’t know, place them in the correct order and talk them through the colours.

To reinforce the order, ask them to find something of each colour to place on top of each card.

If you’re having a momentary lapse in memory, the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the colours of the rainbow, as discovered by Sir Isaac Newton.

To help your kindergarten-aged children you could also teach them the

  • Rhyme – Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
  • acronym – ROY G BIV.

Teach Colour Theory

This is a great art activity that’s loved by toddlers and school children alike. You can use the colour theory and mix colours to see what happens when you mix colours.

Place the flashcards in the order of the rainbow. Behind each colour card, place a plate. Add a blob of red, yellow and blue paint to the plate behind the corresponding card. Tell your child that these are the primary colours.

Now mix the primary colours as indicated below on the plate in between the two colours being mixed:

Red & Yellow

Yellow & Blue

Blue & Red

Ask your child what colours are produced. You should see orange, green and purple. Tell your child that these are the secondary colours.

Using the settings on your printer you can print out smaller flashcards, cut out the blobs of colour and ask your child to design their own colour chart.


These printable colour flashcards are perfect for toddlers and kindergarteners alike. Brilliant to teach colours or make colour words worksheets for kindergarten. We hope the ideas have given you some inspiration on how to help your child learn all the colours.

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