color puzzle for toddlers

Free Printable Color Puzzle For Toddlers

As children start to learn about the world around them, they will recognise different shapes, colours, and everyday objects. Children learn at their own pace, which is why it is important to use resources to encourage that sponge-like learning! Like our color puzzle for toddlers.

It can feel overwhelming knowing there is so much for your child to learn in their early years. Encouraging your little one’s development doesn’t need to be a drain on time and money with our simple, effective colour matching puzzle activity.

How do you teach kids about colours?

This activity has been designed with your child’s needs in mind. It is excellent for introducing new information in a fun way with a range of objects including food, animals, and clothes. The worksheets are available in eight brilliant colours so is the perfect activity for rainy days and staycations.

This stimulating activity is amazingly simple to use – just print, cut, and play! You can even tailor games depending on your child’s age and stages of development.

What can I use The color puzzle for toddlers Worksheets For?

Children under 5

Our printable colour matching activity encourages pre-school children to recognise the names and shades of objects, helping them make sense of this rainbow world.

Try introducing the colour and object cards to your child, sounding out words and encouraging them to repeat the phonics. You can cut the cards out and work with your child to match each picture to the corresponding colour.

A wonderful game would be to join your child in a walk (or crawl!) around your indoor space, inviting them to match each colour to an object in your home.

When your child is even more familiar with the activity, you can create a treasure hunt around the home or garden for endless entertainment. Hide the picture cards and send your little scavengers on an adventure to find and match to the correct colour. Include a small prize and they will be even more eager to learn!

Children aged 5+

This activity can help your child to absorb information at a young age, but the fun doesn’t stop there. If your child has reached primary school age you can use these printables to create advanced unique activities that indulge their creativity and imagination. For instance, let your child choose one of the colourful objects to feature in their own poem or short story. When they have set the scene and written a descriptive tale, encourage them to create fantastical worlds for their characters using pencil crayons or paints. Let their imagination run wild and unleash their inner artist!

For older children, setting up a spelling bee using the object cards will be great fun that challenges their mind. Testing them on synonyms and antonyms, metaphors and similes, will expand their vocabulary while getting them comfortable using a wide range of words. With bright colours and familiar everyday objects, kids of all ages will love engaging with this activity. Download our printable sheets today to supplement their school learning in an exciting way.


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