Fun Facts About The Planets Printable Worksheets

Are your little ones fascinated by the wonders of the night sky? Or are they learning about space and the solar system at school, and you want to encourage their latest passion?

Whatever your family’s motivation might be for learning about the solar system, our new range of printable worksheets on fun facts about the planets has got you covered!

We’ve got a separate printable worksheet for each of the eight fascinating planets in our solar system, every one jam-packed with fun facts that will educate kids and grown-ups alike.

Facts About The Planets

What’s Included In Our Printable Worksheets About The Planets?

Understanding our place in the universe can inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in children.

And there’s no better place to start than by exploring our galactic back yard -uncovering some fun facts about the planets in our very own solar system.


If you can get past the giggles of the mispronunciations with your kids – there’s a load of fascinating facts about Uranus. For example, did you know that it’s often referred to as the sideways planet, as it spins on its side? Or that it has a staggering 27 moons?

Uncover more fun facts about Uranus in our free download!


On Earth, we’d usually say it’s starting to get windy when the breeze hits around 20-30mph. But this is nothing compared to Neptune, which has winds that reach up to 1300 miles per hour! It’s also incredibly cold, being the furthest planet from the sun!

Find out more fun facts about Neptune in our printable worksheet.


Saturn is well known for its stunning rings – but did you know the rings are made up of countless pieces of ice, dust, and rock that glisten when they catch the Sun’s light?

Find out more about Saturn and its 82 moons in our worksheet. 


Jupiter takes the crown as the biggest planet in our solar system. But that’s not all. It’s home to the Great Red Spot, a storm so large it could swallow the  Earth whole!

Want to find out more?

Our fun facts about Jupiter worksheet is packed with interesting information about this gas giant.


Mars is our closest neighbour in the solar system and has captivated scientists and astronomers for years. Did you know that Mars once had flowing rivers and lakes? Or that a day on Mars is only 37 minutes longer than a day on Earth?

Delve into the mysteries of the red planet with your kids in our fun facts about Mars download.


There’s no place like home! Earth is the only planet that is currently known to support life, with estimates that Earth is called home by over 8.7 million different species of plants and animals.

Amaze your little ones with facts about our home planet, including our towering mountains,  deep-sea trenches and the northern lights.

With our fun facts about Earth worksheet, you can explore more about our Blue Planet’s unique features and explain why it’s essential to protect it.


Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, and it also has a day that’s longer than its year! How’s that for a mind-bending fact?

Discover more about this fascinating planet with our fun facts about Venus worksheet.


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system – it’s only a little bit bigger than the Earth’s moon! It’s also the planet closest to the Sun.

Because of how close it is to the sun, Mercury experiences the most significant temperature fluctuation of all the planets, ranging from blisteringly hot in the day to freezing cold at night.

Uncover more of the mysteries of this tiny planet with our fun facts about Mercury download.

Looking For Ways To Engage Your Kids With Fun Facts About The Planets?

If your kids are already fascinated by space and the solar system, sharing some fun facts about the planets is bound to be a hit.

But if you’re trying to encourage them to learn, the key is to make the learning process interactive and fun. This will help your kids to retain the information, and build a love for learning about the solar system.

We’ve come up with some ideas for how you might use the printable worksheets for a fun family experience:

Planet Fact Challenge

Why not turn learning into a game? Set a timer and give your kids a minute or two to read through one of our worksheets. When the reading time is up, playfully take the sheet away from them and see how many facts they can remember.

This will encourage your kids to skim read, improve their comprehension skills, and retain what they’ve learned.

But don’t be too tricky with your questions – it’s their turn to test you next!

Solar System Art Project

If you feel like getting creative, why not consider using the worksheets as inspiration for a family art project?

You could use the facts in each of the worksheets as inspiration for a painting or drawing of each planet – making sure you get the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, or the icy winds of Neptune for example.

If you create a piece of art for each planet, you could even put together your own giant solar system mural on the wall!

Planetary Diaries

If you’re looking to activate your child’s imagination, why not encourage your kids to pretend they’re astronauts and write about their journey through the solar system.

Use the fun facts about the planets worksheets to inspire descriptions of each planet they “visit”. This can be a really fun activity that not only helps children learn about the planets, but also improves their creative writing.

Looking For Other Resources About The Natural World?

If your family enjoys learning the different fun facts about the planets and you want to delve deeper into the inner workings of the Earth, take a look at our Layers Of The Earth worksheet. It goes into a lot more detail about how the Earth is made up.

Or if you’re after a bit more family fun sticking with the ‘space’ theme, we’ve got a wide range of Space and Earth Activities for you to download.

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