Superhero Coloring Pages

Up, up, and away! Designing your own hero with our super hero coloring pages can make your dreams come true! Picture yourself flying, breathing underwater, time traveling, or teleporting through space and put it down on paper.

Ideal for children’s birthday parties, classroom time fillers, or even a quiet day at home, these free superhero coloring page printables for kids are a special way to have fun.

What’s Included In Our Superhero Coloring Pages

This set includes six different black-and-white superhero templates. Whether your kids want a boy superhero or a girl superhero, we have you covered! All you need to do to begin having fun is choose your favorite coloring page from this selection and print it out for free.

Tip: we recommend printing your superhero on A4 paper to get the most out of your coloring page templates.

Fun Superhero Activities to Try:

  1. Use the printables as simple coloring sheets!
    Set your kids free to decorate and color in their black-and-white superhero templates as they please. This encourages creativity and will allow young children to express their thoughts in a healthy and fun way!
  2. Use different artistic mediums and tools
    If your little ones have mastered the basics (like crayons and colored pencils), let them try decorating their superhero coloring pages with other artistic mediums. Safely using rubber stamps, perler beads, newspaper shreds, and string can improve your childrens’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!
  3. Create a wall collage
    Once you’ve colored in, decorated, and named your superheroes, pin them up on the wall, fridge, or your wardrobe doors! Use tape or Blue Tack to create a collage or podium where all of your superheroes can live. They’ll be right there waiting for you when you’re in trouble and need their help!
  4. Make a “Save the Day” superhero
    If your little one seems to be having more bad days than good ones lately, try making a Save the Day superhero together. This personalized companion will swoop in and fix whatever the problem of the day is, just like a real-life superhero would!

    To get the best results, make sure to decorate your child’s superhero with their favorite colors, patterns, and embellishments. Paste the cut-out template near their bed or nightstand so that they always feel protected!

  5. Not all heroes wear capes… initially!
    To help them practice literacy, creativity, and penmanship, encourage your children to write stories about how their superheroes came to be so super! Were they bitten by a spider (the classic way) or did they accomplish a ginormous goal? Did they save the day for thousands of citizens or tend to help people anonymously?
  6. Draw your family members as superheroes!
    Does your mom drive you to and from school everyday? Does your dad make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family? Do your siblings and grandparents play with you? Your family are like real-life superheroes and deserve recognition! Pick out a few of our printable superhero coloring sheets and design each one to look like a family member. Try your best to match the hair color, eye color, and even their favorite outfit so the superheroes are realistic.
  7. Make superhero puppets!
    Have you ever imagined making your own puppets? This is how you can!
    Cut out each superhero and use them as an outline to cut another piece of paper with exactly the same shape. Line up the edges of your two superhero shapes, then carefully glue the edges of the papers together. Remember to leave a gap at the bottom of the superhero’s feet large enough for your finger or a clean popsicle stick to fit through. Leave the puppets to dry then try them out!


Completing your superhero drawing doesn’t mean it’s the end of super fun activities. Check out our other free, printable coloring sets including puppies or kittens for pet lovers and dinosaurs for young scientists! You can also visit Just Family Funs other coloring pages or Kids for even more family-friendly games and activities like blank world maps and DIY animal masks!

If you’re extra proud of your completed superhero coloring page for kids, send us a photo of your work at Just Family Fun to share your story!

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