Printable Turtle Outline Template

If you’re looking for an outline of a turtle to use for craft activities or to introduce an educational activity about these amazing reptiles known as Testudines you will love the turtle outlines that Just Family Fun has created.

The free downloadable simple turtle outline available in three designs will go down a treat with preschoolers and young children alike.

printable turtle outline

What’s Included in our turtle outline package

We’ve included three different outlines of turtles for you to choose between. There’s a

  • walking turtle (fun fact – the fastest turtle can walk at around 3 miles per hour on land, that’s faster than my child 🙂 )
  • swimming turtle – aerial view
  • side-on view of a swimming turtle

The sea turtle templates are printable, so you can print as many turtles as required. If you need lots of smaller sea turtles for your project you can simply use the settings on your printer to print more turtles per page.

turtle colouring page
turtle stencil
turtle outline termplate

What Can Our Turtle Outline Be Used For?

Just like our other outlines, the simple sea turtle designs can be used for a range of crafts such as

  • colouring pages
  • stencils to add turtles to decorate cards, walls, clothes or other places
  • templates that help you draw fantastic turtle outlines you can colour and decorate
  • a printable pattern for sewing fabric turtles

However, if you need a little inspiration for your turtle craft here are a couple of great ideas.

Tissue Paper Turtle

Pick a turtle design you really like, colour your turtle’s legs and head in green and decorate the turtle’s shell with pieces of green tissue paper or squares of green paper.

Under The Sea Picture

Use your tissue paper turtle from above to create an awesome under the sea picture.

Grab a large piece of paper or cardstock. Create a sandy corner using yellow paint, you could add a few turtle eggs before adding the yellow colour. Colour or stick pieces of tissue paper over the rest of the picture to make the sea.

Add your turtle to the picture.  Will they be on the beach laying eggs or swimming in the sea?

Learn About Turtles

There are some fantastic books such as National Geographic Kids Mission: Sea Turtles Rescue you can use to teach your small person about turtles. But to get you started here are a few fun facts

  • The hawksbill turtle is the national animal of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Turtles evolved millions of years ago
  • They can live to be between 10 and 150 years old
  • In some species, weather determines if turtle eggs become male or female. Male turtles hatch at lower temperatures and females in warmer temps.

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