Printable Hand Outline

Printable Hand Outline Templates

With this printable hand outline template in four varieties, you can give everyone a hand. With Just Family Fun’s free printable handprint templates, you can print off dozens of paper hands. Use them for all kinds of fun activities, like the ones we have listed below.

We’ve included four different kinds and colours of hands. This is a great opportunity to talk about anatomy with your little one, pointing to the different fingers. With the different skin tones, it’s also a great way to include some diversity in your playtime. Give your little ones the chance to see their skin tone in the things they’re playing with. You can also look through Crayola’s skin tones to find the one that most closely resembles the colour of your skin. This is a fun activity to show your child that other people look like them. This helps them feel a sense of community and belonging.

Free Printable Handprints

Blank Simple Outline

This blank handprint template is the multi-tool of cut-out hand templates. Kids can cut it out and fill it with pictures or colours. Maybe they want to try drawing the most realistic hand they can. Maybe they want to draw the lines of their own hands. Maybe they want to draw what an ogres hand would look like, or a faery’s hand. This blank hand template is a versatile option that lets kids be as creative as they want.

Light-Skinned Handprint Cut-Out

This handprint has a skin tone added to it, so no colouring is necessary. This is great for last-minute decorations and projects where you need hands with light-coloured skin. This light-skinned handprint cut-out also has palm lines drawn on it. Invite your kids to add the lines they see on their own hands to the palm prints- this is a fun activity that helps their spatial awareness. For added fun, they can draw their friends’ palm lines, or yours!

Dark-Skinned Hand Drawing Template

This free printable handprint comes with a skin tone so that your child can see the different options of what skin colours come in. This is a great cutout for celebrating diversity and representation. This handprint also has the palm lines added, so your child can add the lines on their hand to it. Make it a fun game to see who can draw their hand the most accurately.

Blank Front and Back Hand Cut-Out

This handprint cut-out has all the details added, including lines and knuckles. This is a fun cutout to use to have your child explore touch and feel. Another fun activity is to ask them to draw the lines of their hand on the cut-out.

Handprint Stencil Fun and Games

Hand Banner

An old classic! For this activity you’ll need:

Print off a bundle of handprints. You can either print all one colour or print a variety! Make a pattern of the different printouts! Once you have all your hands printed, cut them out of the paper. You can add some colours or lines to them if you want!

Now that we have our materials printed out and ready, we need to punch holes in them. Put a hole in the pinky finger of each hand. Then, put a hole in the thumb of each hand. Make sure not to put the holes too close to the sides of the paper, or it might rip.

Now we can take our string and thread it through the holes. This way you can hang our banner up on the wall!

Hand Turkey

There are two ways to make a wicked cool hand turkey– Gobble, and Gobble Gobble.

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Google eyes (optional)

Using the blank printable hand template, give your turkey the prettiest feathers. Colour each finger a different colour. For added pizzazz, use a bunch of colours on one finger. Make a pattern, or draw a picture!

Next, make a face on the thumb. Give your turkey eyes, a beak, and the little dangly red bit under his chin (also called a gizzard).

What’s your turkey missing? That’s right, legs! Draw a couple of yellow or orange legs under the palm to give your turkey something to stand on!

If you have google eyes to use, slap ‘em on there so your turkey is extra fun!

Gobble Gobble

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Card paper (blank or coloured. Try to have at least one sheet of brown)
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Google eyes (Optional)

We’re going to make a turkey that can stand up! For this project, we need to give the turkey six to eight hands that will be their feathers. Print the printable hand outline onto card paper (if you don’t have card paper, print onto regular paper and glue to recycled cardboard for extra strength. This is a great way to reuse cereal boxes!) You can print on coloured paper, or blank paper so you can colour the feathers yourself!

Next, we’ll make the body of our turkey. Using your brown card paper (if you couldn’t get your hands on brown card paper, use regular card paper and colour it brown. If you couldn’t get card paper, glue the paper you coloured to recycled cardboard) draw two circles- a bigger one for the body and a slightly smaller one for the head.

Using your glue, stick the turkey’s head to their body. Give them eyes (extra points if you can use google eyes) and a beak. You can draw these on, or cut them out of card paper. Don’t forget their gizzard!

Now we’ll give your turkey something to stand on. Draw and cut out two legs with the feet attached. Bend them halfway so that when you glue the legs to the body, the feet rest on the table and help your turkey stand!

To make your turkey presentable, add feathers! At the bottom of the palm, bend each hand so that there’s enough room to glue the hand to the back of the turkey’s body. Glue the hands so that the turkey balances on the hands and his feet.

Now you have a beautiful turkey to show your friends! You can stop at one, or make a gaggle of turkeys!

Paint Transfer

This is the perfect fun for your messy monster! For this activity you’ll need:

  • Non-toxic washable paint
  • Somewhere you can get messy
  • Clothes you can get messy
  • Scissors
  • A paper plate

After printing your favourite printable handprint outline, cut it out. Next, pick your favourite colour. For added fun, pick a bunch of colours.

Carefully pour the paint onto your paper plate. If you picked several colours, mix them around.

Now, squish your palm in the paint! Careful not to make a mess! Get lots of paint on your hand. You can swirl the colours around so they make a pattern on your skin.

Carefully put your hand over the cut-out, matching your fingers with the fingers on the printout. Press your hand down firmly so the paint transfers from your hand to the paper. This way, all the lines and prints from your hands will show on the paper!

Make sure when you’re done to clean your hands well, and not to make a mess!

Hold Hands with Everyone

This is a great craft to play with your friends. For this activity you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Stapler

Make sure everyone can print off a copy of our printable hand outline, in whichever colour they want to print it in.

Everyone colours a hand so that it looks like their hand, with all the lines and prints they have on their hand. Or, they can colour it with their name, favourite animal, favourite colour! Make sure everyone labels their hand so you know which belongs to who!

Collect the hands and ask an adult to help you staple them together. Staple the pinky of the first hand to the pinky of the second. Then, staple the thumb of the second to the thumb of the third. Keep stapling back and forth until all the hands are connected like a slinky. They should all pile up into a neat pile when released.

When you pick up one hand, you can see that all the hands are connected, and it’s like you’re holding hands with all your friends. Make this extra fun by having everyone make multiple hands. That way everyone can have their own chain of friends’ hands!

This is a great way to have fun with your friends and feel close to them even when you can’t all spend time together!

Printable Hand Outline Fun

At Just Family Fun, we wish we could give you a high five, and these printable hand outlines are the closest we can get to do that in real life. Make sure you share your high-five fun with us, we want to see how much fun you’re having. Check out our other free printables!

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