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Free Printable Frozen Word Search

Yoohoo! We’re having a big summer blowout on our Frozen word search! This free printable word search is better than finally getting to see summer! Look through the jumbled words to find Elsa, Kristoff, and a friendly snowman! Careful not to get lost in a flurry of letters! We know the cold never bothered you anyway, so jump right into this fun word search.

Download your frozen word search below

Bonus Fun Tip Do you have an Elsa or Anna costume? Maybe you like to dress as Kristoff? Do you like warm hugs like Olaf? We know reindeer are better than people, so maybe your favourite character is Sven? Dress up as your favourite Frozen character, and circle them in your favourite colour on your word search page!

Bonus Fun Points Do you know what words go together? Is it gloves and fire, or maybe gloves and winter? Draw lines between words that belong together in a group.

Extra Bonus Fun Tip Are you ready for endless winter? Bundle up in your blankets and sweaters to make sure you’re ready for the trek up the north mountain! Even better, make a fort in your room where you can hide from Marshmallow the snowman guard!

Extra Bonus Fun Points Just like Olaf, put on a show for mom and dad of your favourite scenes from the movie! See how inventive you can get with dressing up, and doing the voices! What happened in the movie? Who was the bad guy? Show your mom and dad your version of what happened!

Did you enjoy our frozen word search?

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