Disney word search

Free Printable Disney Word Search

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? With Just Family Fun’s Disney word search, you can find your favourite characters! Look for Abu hiding with Genie! Can you find Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck hiding together?

Disney movies bring everyone together, and with this free printable Disney word search, you can add an extra activity for your little one who will only watch Disney movies. A fun mix of the classic movies and the new movies, these word searches are sure to have something that puts magic in the air!

Oh no! Jafar kidnapped Mushu! Help Jasmine and Flynn Rider find them in the maze of words! Help Abu and Tiana find Rapunzel’s tower!

Bonus Fun Tip Can you draw lines from one character to their friend? Connect Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! See who else you can pair up! 

Bonus Fun Points Who’s your favourite character? Colour their name your favourite colour. 

Extra Bonus Fun Tip– We know you have a costume for your favourite Disney character! If you don’t, find some clothes that work and use paper and your markers to make whatever you’re missing! 

Extra Bonus Fun Points Where is your favourite Disney place? Do you want to go to Agraba? Have you always wanted to visit the Beast’s library with Belle? Do you want to go to the jungle with Baloo? Maybe you want to go to the Bayou with Tiana and Ray? Make your house into the Disney castle. What is your room? Is it under the sea with Ariel, or Arendelle with Olaf and Sven? Use pillows and blankets to make your favourite Disney place come to life in your home!

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