Pokemon Word Search

Free Printable Pokemon Word Search

Gotta catch ‘em all! Be the greatest there ever was and catch all the Pokemon in this Pokemon word search! Find the Pokemon, the trainers, and the gyms! With Pikachu by your side, you can travel far and wide, catching all the Pokemon and challenging the gyms to prove that you’re the best Pokemon trainer! 

If you have the next world’s best Pokemon trainer in the house, this free printable Pokemon word search is a great activity to work on their spelling and reading skills! Full of interesting terms from their favourite show, these word searches will train their brains better than if they went to the nearest Pokemon gym!

Help Dawn use a master ball to catch the Fennekin before Cain can! Find the Ralts quickly, and colour him green like his head!

Bonus Fun Tip Who’s your favourite Pokemon? Do you like Pikachu, Flareon, or Fennekin? Colour your favourite Pokemon with your favourite colour!

Bonus Fun PointsNow that you’re dressed as your favourite Pokemon, can you act like them too? Do you shoot lightning bolts or spray water like Squirtle?

Extra Bonus Fun Tip Who’s the best Pokemon trainer? Invite your friends over and race to see who can finish the word search the fastest. Who can catch all the Pokemon before everyone else?

Extra Bonus Fun Points Colour the words in groups! All the words that are from the same group get coloured together! Clain, May, and Dawn would all be red or green, and master ball and poke ball could be orange or yellow!

Extra Super Fun Points- How many Pokemon names do your parents know? Try making some up and asking them if they think it’s a real Pokemon!

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