simpsons word search

Free Printable Simpsons Word Search

Lisa and Maggie have hidden from Marge and Homer! Can you help their parents find them in this Simpsons word search?

These Simpsons word searches are a great activity for the kids who have been watching the Simpsons since before they could speak. A great show for kids and adults, the Simpsons is for everyone, and so are the word searches! This free printable Simpsons word search is a great way to have fun the whole family can enjoy!

While you were searching the stadium, Bart played a prank and hid words in the elementary school and power plant! Help Carl find them before Maggie’s naptime!

Bonus Fun Tip Colour the family all in yellow, all the places in blue, and Homer’s friends in purple!

Bonus Fun Points Get your parents in on the action! If you can find all the words before them, they have to take you for a burger at the Sprawl Mart!

Extra Bonus Fun Tip Who’s your favourite character? Do you like the pranks Bart pulls? Are you a vegetarian or activist like Lisa? Do you like Marge’s blue hair? Or maybe you’re a child prodigy like Maggie? Put a star next to their name! Dress up as your favourite character!

Extra Bonus Fun Points- Turn your house into Springfield! The kitchen can be the Power Plant, and your room can be the Simpson’s home! Where is the stadium, the Sprawl Mart, and the elementary school? Use paper and some crayons to make signs so your parents know which room is which!

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