Printable Cat Template

Free Printable Cat Template

Cats are beautiful and adorable animals so no wonder this printable cat template is ‘purrfect’ for your kids.

There are three different designs of the printable cat pattern. One of the cat outlines features a sitting cat, one a walking cat and the other is stood still.

You can print lots of cat templates and use them in lots of different ways. If you need some suggestions on how to use the free printable cute cat templates from Just family Fun, take a look at our inspirational ideas below.

What Can Our Free Printable Cat Template Be Used For?

The possibilities are endless! You can use these cat templates in a variety of different projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Colouring Sheets

These simple cat outlines make brilliant colouring sheets are a great way for children to practise their fine motor skills Let the children pick crayons or markers and colour the cats whatever colours they fancy. Children can enjoy getting creative whilst colouring in each template.

Halloween Cats

Black cats and witches are an iconic Halloween pair. That’s why they make brilliant Halloween crafts. Get your children excited about the 31st of October by making a black cat. Simply print out the outline cat template, and colour it black using paint, crayons or felt tip pens. Stick on some glass or googly eyes for extra effect.

Cat String Art Template

Use some wool or string that cats love to play with to make some string cat art. Place glue on the outline and see if your child can place string all along the line. Then place glue all over the inside of the template. Chop up lots of small pieces of wool and let them enjoy sticking it on. Ta da, you have some beautiful cat string artwork for the wall.


There are three different cat silhouettes images, patterns, and templates. Use these printable, downloadable stencils for multiple crafts and educational activities throughout the year.  Why not celebrate Japan’s national cat day?

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