Free Printable Cloud Outlines

If you’re learning about clouds or just looking for some weather-related activities the three cloud outlines Just Family Fun has created will make the perfect resource for a variety of cloud-related crafts and educational activities.

The great news is that these printable outlines of clouds are free to download.

What Can Our Cloud Outlines Be Used For?

We’ve included three cloud outlines that can be printed out and used for drawing around as a template, a stencil or a silhouette for a range of crafts. Use them to apply cloud shapes to pictures, walls, clothes or anywhere else you fancy adding the cloud shapes.

Use the outlines as crafts for a fun activity or when learning about clouds.

cloud outlines
printable cloud outlines
cloud stencil

Rain Cloud Craft

Another adorable craft. To make these cute rain clouds

  • Cut out one of the simple cloud outlines to use as a template.
  • Use the template to make a cloud outline on some cardboard, plywood or similar.
  • Cut out the cardboard cloud and make 4 or 5 holes in the bottom.
  • Attach several coloured raindrops (you might like to use our raindrop outlines for this) to 4 pieces of string. Tie the string through the holes in the cloud.
  • Glue pieces of cotton wool to make a fluffy cloud. If you want to make it look like a rain cloud you could paint the cotton wool grey.
  • Hang the cloud up in the window.

Rainbow Cloud Craft

Draw a large rainbow on A4 paper, cut it out and glue a cloud shape on either end. Add lengths of blue wool from each cloud to create a beautiful rainbow cloud. As an added extra you could add a bolt of lightning coming out of the bottom.

Cloud Men Crafts

Turn some of the cloud outlines into little men with these adorable crafts. To make them

  • Cut out a cloud
  • Add legs and arms using pipe cleaners or concertina folded paper
  • Use googley eyes to give the cloud some facial features
  • Stick the cloud to a toilet roll tube if you’d like your cloud man to be able to stand up


There are a plethora of crafts you can use the rain cloud outlines for. In addition to the crafts above you could use the outlines to create yarn-wrapped clouds to complement the book Little Cloud by Eric Carle or colouring pages after the great science activity where you make clouds in a jar out of shaving foam.

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