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Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

After completing the great learning activities on Just Family Fun you’ll want to make sure your child’s new knowledge sticks. We’ve created these colourful Classroom Posters to display key information in a way that’s fun and accessible for little learners. Perfect to recap words, shapes, numbers and more. They’re free, downloadable and printable, brilliant for home or classroom.

Math Classroom Posters

Numbers 1-10 Poster

The numbers 1 to 10 are clearly displayed on this fab poster with cute farm animals to count. Brilliant for supporting little ones who are completing our Free Printable Maths For Reception Worksheets.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Practice counting aloud with little ones. Let them select the animal and then count them aloud together.

Numbers 1-100 Poster

This 1 to 100 square poster is a must for kids who are learning to count to one hundred. The rows are colour-coded to help break up the square into 10s. Use it to refer to when adding or counting aloud. Consider placing at child height so they can use their finger to count along. For activities to accompany this handy poster try our Free 100 Chart Printable pdf – With Fun Activities.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Try to spot patterns with your child or class. Can they tell you – What’s the same about each number in a column? How about diagonally?

Shapes Poster

We have 16 key shapes to learn on this super shape poster. Most kids have their circles, squares and triangles sorted pretty early on. But, can they spot the trapezium, polygon or hexagon?  This poster is also a great way to cement learning after completing our Shape Learning Activities & shape tracing worksheets.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – The animals aren’t there just to be adorable, although they are pretty cute. They’re a fun way to ask kids to name the shapes. E.g. ‘Which shape is the brown cow standing on?’ ‘Name the shapes with the ducks’ and ‘Who is on the parallelogram?’

3D Shapes Poster

Got the 2D shapes nailed? It’s time to move on to 3D shapes. Our illustrations are really clear to help kids visualise the objects easily.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF


English Classroom PosterS


If you’ve enjoyed using our Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards this poster is the one for you.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Put the poster at child height and play splat. Name a word and have them run and ‘splat’ the correct letter on the poster. Start off using the names of the pictures on the poster and then challenge little ones by naming different objects.

Common Words Poster

Help speed up reading by learning some sight words. For more support with common words try our Free Printable First-Word Flashcards.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Try a simple spelling test to get kids engaging with the poster. Choose one word from each column and read it aloud. Children must figure out which spelling it is and write it down. Simple rewards like gold stars will make it fun for little learners.

Science Classroom Posters

Weather Poster

Although it may feel like we only need to know cloudy or rainy there are lots of key weather words for children to remember. We’ve covered all of their favourites, from sunny to snowy and thunderstorms to rainbows! This poster is fantastic for use with our Free Printable Weather Worksheets.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Kids love playing Weather Presenter! Have them stand in front of the poster and announce the weather today and what they think it will be like tomorrow.

The Solar System Poster

This gorgeous poster is amazing for kids who are learning about the solar system or even those with a space-themed bedroom! It’s also great to display when completing our Downloadable Earth & Space Activity Sheets.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Have each child make a space rocket with their name on and display them around your space poster. Get them to include a note about which planet they would like to travel to and why.

Seasons Poster

We know it’s tricky to learn how to spell the seasons, especially autumn! So we created this gorgeous poster to display year round.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Songs are a great way to help kids learn keywords. Try this fun seasons song for kids or get them to make up their own.

Other Key Learning Topics

Days of the Week Poster

Talking about tricky spellings, how about the days of the week!? Tuesday and Wednesday will definitely require a lot of practice. Display this poster so they can write the correct spelling each day or use it to support kids when completing our FREE Days of the Week Chart, Activities and Colouring Pages

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top TipTry writing a diary as a fun way to practice spelling the days of the week.

Months of the Year Poster

This colourful months of the year poster is really handy to keep on the wall. Brilliant for spelling practice and for learning the order of the months.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – We have another handy song for you to try out. They should have their months sorted out in no time.

Emotions Poster

Learning to name emotions is an important step in kids’ development and key in reducing frustration and tantrums. We have lots of great tips for learning the emotions in our Feelings Chart for Classroom & Emotions Flashcards pack.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Sometimes it’s hard to tell people how we feel. Let kids point to their emotion at the start of the day or when they’ve had a change in behaviour. It might help you to support them.

Fruits Poster

20 different delicious fruits to learn. From familiar apples to exotic passion fruits, kids will love spotting their favourites on this yummy poster.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Have a tasting adventure. Try a different fruit each week until you’ve ticked off every picture on the poster.

Vegetables Poster

Encourage healthy eating with this tasty poster of 20 different vegetables. Keep exploring nutrition with our Healthy Me Activities For Preschool.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Use the pictures as inspiration for a fun design-a-dish art activity. Let little ones draw their perfect, healthy meal on a paper plate. Consider having a contest with judges choosing the yummiest and healthiest dishes.

Farm Animals Poster

12 super cute farm animals ready to display on your wall.

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Help little ones learn the names of the farm animals by playing our Free Printable Farm Scavenger Hunt.

Colours Poster

Learning colours is brilliant, it opens up so many games and activities for little ones. Try our Free Printable colour puzzle for toddlers for more colour fun!

Free Printable Classroom Posters PDF

Top Tip – Have a colour scavenger hunt. Point to a colour on the poster and ask little ones to find something in the room that matches.


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