How To Draw A Horse Step By Step Guide

How To Draw A Cartoon Horse Guide

If you like galloping giants, then this guide on How to Draw a Cartoon Horse is for you!

how to draw a cartoon horse

Step 1 – Head

Draw a large letter U. Leave a gap at the top with the right side ending slightly higher than the left.

Step 2 – Nose

Inside the head, draw a large letter C. Both ends of the C should touch the bottom of the head, and the curve should point upwards. Inside this, draw a long curved line with small straight lines at either end. Add two upside-down V’s for the nostrils.

Did you know? Horses have TEN different muscles in their ears!

Step 3 – Mane

This shape is tricky. In the gap at the top of the head, draw a long V on its side, with the end slightly downturned. Add a smaller V on top of this, with the end slightly upturned. Then an even smaller one behind this, with the end pointing left. Below the first V, draw a final V with the bottom facing down. Connect all Vs at the top and draw a large curved line from the top V to the bottom V.

horse head

Step 4 – Ears and Eyes

Draw two loose U’s on either side of the top of the head. Draw two circles in the centre, below the mane, for eyes.

how to draw a cartoon horse

Step 5 – Body 

Draw two loose Cs on either side of the horse, starting from the outside of the smile.

Did you know? A baby horse is called a foal!

Step 6 – Legs

At the bottom of the first C, draw a bubble letter I, that widens at the bottom for feet. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 7 – Back legs and Belly

Between the front legs, draw a small curved line. Behind the left leg, draw a large soft U, connecting the ends to both sides of the body. Repeat this on the right. In between the middle of the legs, draw a C with the curve pointing downwards. Above the legs and between the head, draw two straight vertical lines

Step 8 – Mane, Tale and Details

Like in step 3, draw long curved V’s on the right side of the horse’s head. Connect these at the top of the Vs and draw a straight line down to the body. On the left side of the body, draw four upside-down Vs. The shortest should be on the outside, getting taller towards the middle. Connect these to the side of the body with soft-curved lines. Draw a circle around these and shade it in. Draw another circle inside the eye, that’s almost the same size then add three curved lines for eyelashes. Repeat this on the right eye. Add two upside-down bubble V’s for eyebrows and two ovals on the cheeks.

Did you know? Horse’s relatives include donkeys, zebras and rhinos!

Step 9 – Colouring In

Horses can be all sorts of colours from black, to auburn to white. You can even draw a braided mane, like dressage horses!

How To Draw A Horse Step By Step Guide pdf

Congratulations on creating a Hearty Horse!

There are over sixty different breeds so you can create any pattern use any colours you like. Go wild!

Download The how to draw a cartoon horse Guide PDF Here

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