How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant Step By Step

Elephants are friendly 4-Ton giants the have been around for more than 55 million years and descend from Woolly Mammoths. You can draw one by using our easy how to draw a cartoon elephant step by step guide

how to draw a cartoon elephant step by step

Step 1 – Head

At the bottom, draw a curved line to the left and upwards. The line should veer slightly inwards. At the top, draw a curved line across then downwards, mirroring the first line. Make sure to leave a gap for the trunk.

Step 2 – Trunk

On the right of the gap, draw a long J with a curl in the end. From the left of the gap, draw another J that follows the same curl, and connects at the bottom.

Did you know? Elephants use their trunks to cover themselves in mud to prevent sunburn!

Step 3 – Ears

From the top of the head, draw a loose C with the curve pointing upwards. Draw a line down, then add another loose C at the bottom, connecting to the side of the elephant’s head. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 4 – Smile, Trunk and Ear Details

Draw smaller versions of the ears in step 3 for the elephant’s inner ears. Then, draw a curved line on top of the trunk. On either side of the trunk draw a short upwards curved line, with a straight line at the end to create the smile.

Step 5 – Eyes and Body

Draw curved Ls on each side of the head. Leave a gap in the middle of the bottom of the body. For eyes, draw two circles. Add a small flick outwards at the bottom and a line straight across, near the top of the eye.

Did you know? Elephants eat up to 300lb of food a day. This is about the same weight as a fully-grown Gorilla!

Step 6 – Back Legs

Draw two large bubble Is, with the lower half slightly flared, in the gap at the bottom of the body.

Step 7 – Back Legs

Draw a long oval at the same level as the front legs. Draw curved lines at the top and the bottom, connecting to the elephant’s body. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8 – Body Details

Draw curved lines here and there along the trunk. Add small, loose bubble Cs for eyebrows. Draw three lowercase Ns along each foot for toes and ovals on the cheeks. Inside the eyes, draw circles that touch the bottom but not the top. Inside these, add circles in the centre and shade them in. Add two tiny circles, one above the shaded circle and one below.

Body Details

Did you know? Elephants hug by wrapping their trunks together!

Step 9 – Colouring In

Now it’s time to colour. You could use grey or brown, or even choose to colour it pink. Let your imagination be your guide!

how to draw a cartoon elephant step by step

Congratulations! You have Etched an Excellent Elephant!

Now you’ve finished your elephant, why not draw a herd! You could even make small calves and grizzled granny elephants.

Download The Printable How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant Step by Step Guide Here.

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