How To Draw A Cute Baby Unicorn

How To Draw A Cute Baby Unicorn

Unicorns are horned horses that have captured everyone’s imaginations, and if you follow this How to Draw a Cute Baby Unicorn guide, you can have one too!

How To Draw A Cute Baby Unicorn

Step 1 – Head

Draw a large letter U, leaving a wide gap in the top. About two-thirds of the way down the egg, draw a loose C with the ends touching each side and the curve pointing upwards.

Step 2 – Eyes, Mouth and Ears

Draw two large circles for the eyes, and add small flicks to the outer corners. Add two upside-down Vs on either side of the top of the head and draw a smile in the bottom third of the head.

Did you know? Unicorn means ‘one horn’.

Step 3 – Mane and Ears.

Above the centre of the gap, draw a large letter S that gets curlier towards the bottom. To the left of the S, draw another line that follows it to the bottom of the S and connect them. Next to this, draw three letter Cs, the top and bottom touching the one in front and the curves pointing to the left. On the other side, draw two Cs with the curve pointing right. Then add large Vs on top of the ones from step 2.

Step 4 – Body

Draw two loose Cs on either side of the unicorn, starting from the outside of the smile.

Step 5 – Legs

At the bottom of the first C, draw a bubble letter I, that widens at the bottom for feet. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 6 – Back legs

Between the front legs, draw a small curved line. Behind the left leg, draw a large soft U, connecting the ends to both sides of the body. Repeat this on the right.

Did you know? Unicorns were first mentioned in stories around 2700BC!

Step 7 – Horn and Hooves

On the centre of the unicorn’s head, draw loose backwards S’s that connect at the top and the bottom. On the top, draw a tiny upside-down U. Add two lines across the bottom of the back legs and one on each front leg to create hooves.

Step 8 – Mane, Tail and Details

On the right of the unicorn’s head, draw a large backwards bubble S with a curl in the bottom. Draw another one directly underneath. On the left of the unicorn’s body, draw a large C with a curl at the top and connect the bottom of it to the back left leg. Slightly above this, and inside the C, draw a curved line up to the top of the curl. Draw an angled line from the side of the curl to the body. Inside the left eye, draw two tiny circles. Draw a circle around these and shade it in. Draw another circle inside the eye, then add three curved lines for eyelashes. Repeat this on the right eye. Add two upside down bubble V’s for eyebrows and two ovals on the cheeks.

Step 9 – Colouring in

Unicorns aren’t real so you can choose any colours you like!

How To Draw A Cute Baby Unicorn

Congratulations! You’ve drawn a Unique Unicorn!


Get creative and draw patterns, or even have them riding a rainbow! Don’t be afraid to let your imagination soar.

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