How To Draw A Cute Cow

How To Draw A Cute Cow

If you would like to learn How to Draw a cute Cow, follow these simple steps!

How To Draw A Cute Cow

Step 1 – Head

Draw a long oval on it’s side. On the top, curve the line in slightly. It should look like a huge bean! Draw a huge upside down U on the top, with both edge should touch the base.

Step 2 – Ears

At the side of the head, draw two Cs. Connect them to the side of the head with line horizontal lines. Inside the ears, draw a long loop so that both ends touch the side of the head.

Step 3 – Horns and Snout

Between the ears, draw two upside down Vs that are slightly curved inwards.

Did you know? Cows are colour blind!

Step 4 – Eyes

Draw two ovals in the centre of the face. Between these, draw two lines. Each line should start at the top of the head in the centre, and just below the bottom of the eye.

Step 5 – Body and Bell

Underneath the chin, draw an upside down U, with the ends pointing outwards. Connect the ends together with a curvy line. Draw three small dashes inside the bell. From each side of the bell, draw a line sideways and then upwards, to connect to the head. On the left, draw a long loose L and on the right, draw a long, loose backwards L.

Step 6 – Front Legs

Draw two long upside down Us and at the bottom, draw small Ws. Connect them together and draw a line straight across, where they meet.

Did you know? Cows make friends and hold grudges!

Step 7 – Back Legs and Tail

Draw a small curved line, about halfway up between the two front legs, and at the bottom, on level with the Ws. On the left side, draw a sideways W. Connect both ends to the side of the body and draw a line straight across where the W and straight lines meet. Repeat this on the other side. Behind the back left leg, draw two lines equal distance apart going outwards from the body to the same level as the top of the front legs. At the end draw an oval with pointed tips.

How To Draw A Cute Cow step 7

Step 8 – Details

Draw squiggly lines to create patches on the body, legs and side of the face, as well as the ears. Add two lines across the horns. Within the eyes, draw three circles and shade in the middle one. Draw a line across the top of the eye, for an eyelid and add two flicks at the top of the eye. Add another at the bottom. Add small crescent moons for eyebrows.

Step 9 – Colouring In

Let your imagination run wild and choose any colours you like!

How To Draw A Cute Cow

Well done! You’ve crafted a Charming Cow!


Cows can be black and white, just black or brown. But this is your cow, so you can do whatever you want. Maybe it’s a bull with a ring through it’s nose! You decide!

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