Foot Outline Template

Free Foot Outline Template

The three different designs of foot outline templates from Just Family Fun are very versatile. They can be used for a wide range of craft and educational activities.

foot templates
Free Foot Outline Template
foot outline template

There are feet with ankles, feet with legs and regular foot outlines. 

Use the ankles with feet to attach to the bottom of skeletons. The feet with legs are brilliant for learning left and right and there is no end of things you can do with the simple foot pattern. 

What Can Our Printable Foot Outline Template Be Used For?

Once you start thinking about how you can use these printable feet there is no end to the ideas you can come up with.

We’ve listed several ideas below if you’re struggling for inspiration. There are educational ideas to teach left from right as well as counting in fives. There are also some great craft ideas to celebrate the holidays with. 

Foot Coloring Pages

Download and print out any of the foot outlines we’ve included for free. They make simple yet effective colouring pages for children. Let them colour them in however they like. It will help them to develop creativity and motor skills. 

Left & Right

Print several copies of the foot patterns with legs template. Get the children to cut out the feet. Lay them on the floor and ask them to work out which are left and right. 

If they need a little bit of help, write ‘L’ and ‘R’ on them and explain which is left and right. 

You could lay lots of feet out down the length of the room and get the children to step and shout out left and right as they march along with the foot templates. 

Counting in Fives

Use the feet pattern you printed out above and practise counting in 5’s. You could go all the up to 100 if you print enough feet. Get the children to practise writing 5, 10, 15 etc of the feet up to …. 100.  

Easter Carrot Footprint

Print out some feet outlines, paint the toes green and the rest of the foot orange. Ta-da you have a carrot. Make as many as you want. Make a basket of carrots or cut them out and decorate your Easter bonnets. 

Halloween Footprint Ghosts

The feet template make amazing ghosts. Print and cut them out. Glue them onto some black paper or cardboard you’ve painted black. 

Attach googly eyes and draw a black oval for a mouth. Write boo in orange next to the ghost and you have a simple Halloween footprint craft.  


Did you know that babies’ feet grow rapidly? Most have reached nearly half of their adult size by age one!  Why not tell your children this fact when you use these fun printable foot outlines for crafting.  


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