Free Printable Certificates And Awards

Free Printable Certificates And Awards

Free Printable Certificates And Awards. If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how much they love being rewarded for doing a good job. Although the most important reward to give to your child is undoubtedly the words ‘Well done!’, it can sometimes be useful to have a little something else to make the reward that bit more special. Enter our Free Printable Certificates And Awards! These certificates are super encouraging for kids, who will love the exciting and attractive variety of designs and will enjoy having their name written on an important certificate. These certificates can also be perfect if your kids would normally be at school but aren’t at the moment owing to the lockdown: they are a great replacement for school certificates that a teacher might give to your kid for good progress in class, and they help to keep your children on track!

If you are looking for something to track your kids’ progress, why not take a look at the blog post about our free downloadable Reward Charts, which you can use to set goals for your kids and help them to complete tasks. You can even combine the two so that when your kids earn their points, they get a reward certificate. Make sure you take a look!

Two different types

We know how difficult it can be to teach your kids at home at the moment, especially if you also have lots of work to do. We have therefore got two different designs for you to use: one that you can use more generally when your kid completes a task like brushing their teeth or making their bed, which says ‘Great Effort’, and one which is specifically for school, which says ‘Home Learning’. Both certificates have a space for your child’s and your names, the date and the reason the certificate has been rewarded, so kids can have personalised certificates and you can remember exactly what they did to earn it.

Our ‘Great Effort’ certificate is particularly perfect because, as we all know, parenting experts tell us that the most important thing we can reward our children for is their effort: it is more important to reward them for trying hard, than for the end result. This certificate is therefore exactly what you want to encourage your children to try again and again and keep making progress!

Our ‘Home Learning’ certificate is also fantastic as a replacement for praise from teachers for good work that your child might otherwise be receiving at school. If you like, you can even email your child’s teacher and ask what they’ve been doing really well on lately, so you can make the certificate even more personal!

Lots of different designs

On top of the two different types of certificate, we also have loads of different designs, which means there’s something to suit every child! Whether your child loves fairies and princesses or dreams of being an astronaut when they grow up, you can find the perfect design for them with our reward certificates. Let’s take a look at some of the designs on offer…

  • Dinosaurs
  • Football
  • Fairy
  • Mermaid
  • Pirates
  • Astronaut
  • Unicorn
  • Princess
  • And more…

I’m sure that from this list you can spot something that your child is particularly interested in! Picking a reward certificate with a design that you know your child will like, or, even better, letting your child pick their own design, involves them in the process and ensures that the certificate is even more important to them when they receive it.

If you would like a different theme, please feel free to email us at and let us know!

Top tips!

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about the reward certificates, here are some top tips to get the best use out of them! I use these tips as a parent myself and I find that they help me use the reward certificates in the most effective way.

  • Hang the reward certificate in a public place! I recommend this for our reward charts as well, but it is absolutely true and, in my opinion, totally essential. I like to put reward certificates on the fridge, because that way my kid knows that not only can she see it, but everyone who comes into the house can see it! The fridge is a great place because it is public and everyone uses it, so everyone knows what a wonderful job your kid has done, further reinforcing and encouraging the good behaviour.
  • Talk to your kids about good behaviour. Let them know how the reward certificates work and about how proud of themselves they should be if they get one. Tell them what kind of behaviour will earn them a reward certificate, and how everyone in the house will be able to see it. Don’t just assume they will automatically know!
  • Keep the certificates when you take them down! Now this may be just a sentimental thing that I do, and you certainly don’t have to keep all the certificates: I think we can all imagine that would be a little ridiculous! However, I think it is really sweet to have the original certificates from the first time your child did something successfully, such as reading a whole sentence out loud by themselves. It’s like having video footage of them first learning to walk, and I think it’s really sweet! Who knows, your kid may even want to see them when they’re a bit older.

As you can see from this article, reward certificates are a great resource, either to use by themselves or in connection with another resource such as our reward charts. Download Free Printable Certificates And Awards! We hope you find them a useful and enjoyable resource to help you and your kids.

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