Printable Blank Star Templates And Stencils

At Just Family Fun, we love sharing Christmas craft ideas. If you’ve tried our Sock Snowman or Reindeer Antlers projects, you’ll love this free star templates PDF.

These printable blank star templates are a great way to get your kids involved in a simple, festive crafting project. Get stuck in as a family and create artworks to put on the fridge and decorations to put on the tree! Even use the stars to create your own American flag.

These printable outlines are available in one-inch, two-inch, three-inch and four-inch sizes, plus a selection of large star templates.

To get you started, here are some ideas for how to use these simple star designs:

  1. Create a Christmas mobile

Using coloured or plain card, print out star outlines of different sizes. Cut them out and have fun decorating!

When you’re all done, make a hole in one of the points of each star shape. Cut a circle from a fresh piece of card – the bigger the better! Next, tie colourful string, thread or thin ribbon of different lengths to each star and attach the other end to your circle. When you pick up the card, your stars will hang by their strings to create a mobile that can be hung from the ceiling to make a beautiful, personalised decoration! Use sticky tack to hang it, or, for a magical look that allows the stars more movement, attach two lengths of string in a cross shape to the top side of the card circle and hang using a small hook.

  • Make your own Christmas stickers

Print out the one- and two-inch star outlines using plain sticker paper – you can get this cheaply from Amazon. Your kids can colour in and decorate the blank stars however they like, cut them out and use them as special Christmas present tags, stickers for their sticker charts, decorations on their Christmas cards or wherever else they like!

  • Make a Wishing Tree

Print out some blank star stencils in any size you like. Have your kids choose a star shape and decorate it, then write down a Christmas wish for the following year on the back of their design. Make a hole in one of the star’s points, then thread a piece of string, thread or thin ribbon through it to make a loop that can be used to hang the star on the tree. When Santa comes, he’ll read the wishes, and he might just make them come true!

You can buy mini Christmas trees from your local garden centre (you can also get them at Wilkos – prices start at £5) and use our one inch and two-inch star outlines to create a personal tree for each child. Alternatively, you can use full-page stars and sticky tack to create a Wish Wall instead of hanging them from the tree. This can be a great bonding activity as well as a fun crafting session!

1Inch Star Shape Templates


2Inch Star Shape Templates


3Inch Star Templates


4Inch Star Shape Template


If you use our star sheets for your Christmas crafting, show us on Twitter! Upload a photo and tag us @JustFamilyFun1 – we’d love to see what you come up with!

Finished your star projects and ready for more? Try making your own Christmas characters!

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