Free Printable Minecraft Word Search

What game mode do you like most? In our Minecraft word search, you can search through the letters to find the materials you need to build your world your way! You can build near the village, or in the forest. If you love to play in Creative mode, you can mine some diamonds to make more tools to create a bigger and grander fortress. If you prefer Survival mode, you can fight to get back to your fortress from the village. Most importantly, make sure to get in before it’s dark out, or the creepers might find you!

Just Family Fun’s free printable Minecraft word search is a great activity to work on spelling and comprehension with your kids. It’s also a great way for them to teach you more about something they love!

Bonus Fun Tip We know you can build an awesome fortress in the game, but can you do it in real life too? Use blankets and pillows to make an impenetrable fortress to hide from zombies and creepers while you do your word search!

Bonus Fun Points Colour the words in groups. All the animals can be orange or pink, the places to live can be green or blue. What other groups do you see?

Extra Bonus Fun Tip Do you like to be Alex or Steve? Dress up like your Minecraft skin in real life.

Extra Bonus Fun Points Do you keep animals at your Minecraft home? What animals do you keep? Circle them on your page, and add any that are missing!

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