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Unicorn and Mermaid Bingo Printable

Is your child obsessed with unicorns and mermaids? Sea creatures and rainbows? They will love our Unicorn and Mermaid Bingo Printable! A fantastic game to play together on a rainy day, at an under the sea party or during some valuable screen-free time.

Bingo is brilliant fun and teaches some great lessons too.

  • Key vocabulary – Our bingo cards include a range of unicorn and mermaid keywords. Your child will spot and recognize the spelling of Pearl, Dolphin and Sea urchin at lightning speed.
  • Memory – Brilliant bingo players remember where things are on their cards and make sure they are the fastest to mark them when called.
  • Winning and Losing – Both are important for a child’s development. Winning helps a child feel confident and motivates them to keep learning and trying. Losing well is a hard skill to develop but arguably more important. It can be tricky to lose at first as children experience big feelings. However, if they see you losing and having fun at the same time they will start to realise it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Chat about what they did well in the game, like spotting a tricky animal or playing nicely.

How to Play

  1. Download our Unicorn and Mermaid Bingo Printable HERE
  2. Cut out the squares on the Callers Card sheet (the one with 36 pictures) and put them into a bowl or bag.
  3. Cut out the cute Bingo Markers and give some to each player. They will place these on the pictures on their Bingo Card when they are called out.
  4. Give each player a Bingo Card – they must have a different one each. There are 8 in total so plenty for lots of players. If you have more guests they could work as pairs.
  5. The Caller picks a Caller Card from the bowl at random – no peeking!
  6. The Caller reads out the Caller Card. Some description may be needed if the players don’t know all of the names of our cute creatures and objects yet.
  7. Players cover any pictures that are called on their Bingo Sheets with a Bingo Marker.
  8. The first player to cover 5 pictures in a vertical column, horizontal row or diagonal line through the middle square wins. They must shout BINGO!


Once your little one has cracked the classic rules they might enjoy some new ways to play;

Corners – The winner is the player to cover the 4 corner squares of their sheet first.

Black-out – First to cover the whole board wins.

Shapes – Square, circle, rectangle. The first person to complete the shape with their bingo markers wins.

Letters – U for unicorn or M for mermaid. Who can cover these letter-shaped patterns on their bingo grid first?

Clues – When calling the cards, don’t say the name of the creature or object. Instead, give a clue e.g. ‘something with eight legs’ or ‘something that scuttles’.


Did you love playing our Unicorn and Mermaid Bingo game?

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Laura Davies

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