Printable Weather Poster For The Classroom

Need a free cheerful, colourful weather poster for your wall? Are you helping young kids understand the different types of weather? We have the free printable for you, available here.

It’s a tough job explaining the weather to young children. There are many follow-up questions. Why is there a single small cloud in the sky but it’s not a cloudy day? Why isn’t there a rainbow every time it rains during the day? And so they go on. Kids are still learning to understand their environments. Making sense of the natural world around them is a time of great curiosity.

But that doesn’t make the task of helping them understand any easier.

Hopefully, we can help you tackle some of these stumpers with a helpful poster that can be used as part of a wall display, or even as a game. Kids learn best when they’re having fun, after all.

Weather Types Included In This Weather Poster:

  • Sunny
  • Rain
  • Partly cloudy
  • Thunderstorms
  • Rainbow
  • Tornado
  • Fog
  • Ice
  • Rain showers
  • Cloudy
  • Snow
  • Windy
Printable Weather Poster For Classroom

How To Use The Free Weather Poster Resource

To get started, here are some helpful suggestions on how to use the weather poster.

Tip: If you decide to use the poster as a game with playing cards, we would recommend printing on a piece of card (or glue printed paper to the card). You could also use self-adhesive plastic to protect the card and help the resources last longer.

As a Poster

Make sure it’s at eye height for the kids so they become familiar with the different images. They’ll absorb the information, even while they aren’t actively engaging with it.

Daily Weather Chart

To encourage pattern recognition, start checking the weather each day. Let the little ones check the evidence out the window and put a sticker on the answer.

Match The Images

Print our free Weather Flashcards. Encourage the kids to match the images. This can be part of the daily weather chart activity or as a standalone game.

Word Matching

(For older children learning to read) – Print 2 copies. Cut out the words in one copy. Kids can match the word to the poster.

Treasure Hunt

Encourage kids to find items around the house they think match the weather. Wellies in the rain. Sunglasses in the sun. That sort of thing. It could be lots of fun seeing what they choose!


Make a game of dressing up in weather-appropriate clothes. Or have them act out how we respond to different types of weather. Fan the heat in the sun, blow around in the wind etc.

Hopefully, there are enough ideas here for you to get started with this great resource. We have a selection of other free printables to encourage fun, engaged learning about the world around us.

Additional Activities And Resources

As part of a long-term project, you can even use these activities together. Track how the weather changes over time – by month, season, or the whole year if you’re committed!

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