Free Printable Months of the Year Poster

Is your Little One learning about all the different seasons? Or are they incredibly excited about their birthday month? Print out our Months of the Year Poster and put it up on their wall, and they’ll be able to learn about the different months of the year while enjoying the bright colourful characters and artwork.

months of the year poster

Why use colourful posters in your child’s bedroom?

Bright colours are particularly important for small children as they help them to engage different parts of their minds. When colour is used well, for instance in artwork within children’s books, it provides stimulation for their young developing minds. Though there are never really any rules for artwork!

By using brightly coloured infographics in their bedroom, your child will be more likely to take a look at and absorb any information on it – in this case, what the many months of the year are. Before you know it, they will be able to recite all the names of the months, and tell you which month brings the Easter bunny!

The same concept holds if you are a teacher, and the benefit is shared amongst all the children in your care. By placing the JustFamilyFun Months of the Year Poster in your classroom, you’ll be making a small difference to many.

Will This Poster Be Useful? And How to Put It Up?

Consider attaching it to a metal-backed whiteboard and using personalised magnets (another class or family project!) to show what month it is! If you’re a teacher, you can use this setup to assign monthly roles (Officer in Charge of Tidying Up the Stationery Cupboard for the month of May is…!).
You can use blue-tac for this as well, or even pins on a pinboard!

The posters seek to use bright colours in different hues. The Months’ guide uses bright pastels, and our designers chose to stick to the exact scientific rainbow spectrum colours. This is meant to be used as a learning aid for both fun activities and informative lessons and is a fun informative graphic in and of itself.

The Bigger the Better

You can choose what poster size you prefer. Perhaps you’d prefer a larger wall decoration? You could print this using a larger printer or perhaps instead print it large by using a series of A4 pages. It is entirely up to you. There are several tutorials online that you could use.


If you are planning to take the kids out on a school trip or perhaps to see their grandma who lives a few hours away, you can use the Months of the Year Poster to map out what the year is likely going to look like. Think your monthly calendar at a glance… but for children. With stickers.

Behaviour Tracker

Track the good weeks by using this in tandem with our Days of the Week Poster! If your Little One (or Little Ones) have been extra good, reward the good behaviour by putting a gold star for every good week in the Months of the Year poster!


Why not sit with the kids and choose the best photo from a memorable trip or event that makes them smile? Print it out, cut out any boring bits and stick it onto the poster! Make this addition permanent. A keepsake that will make them smile years down the line.

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