Free Printable Days of The Week Poster

Trying to teach your little one the days of the week? Or maybe you have a blank space on your classroom wall you need to fill?

This vibrant days of the week poster will be sure to get your little ones engaged with learning and provide a helpful learning aid.

What are the benefits of a wall poster?

A bright coloured, attention grabbing poster on a wall can help your little ones learn even when they’re not paying full attention to it.

Having something like the Just Family Fun days of the week poster on your wall will catch the eye of your little ones and they will subconsciously take it what they are seeing.

This has been proven to aid learning and boost engagement.

What is this poster useful for?

The Just Family Fun days of the week poster can be used as both a decorative addition to your home or classroom. It can also be used as a learning aid for activities and lessons.

The vibrant colours of the poster make it stand out from the rest. Each day is also a separate colour to help distinguish between each day.

Unlike other posters, the Just Family Fun poster has both the full name of each day, it also has the most common abbreviation of each day. This means that when your little one sees the abbreviation when they’re reading or out and about. They’ll know which day it relates to.

You can choose what size you print out the poster. It could be a large wall decoration. Or it could be a smaller hand out as part of a group learning activity or homework.

What else can I use this poster for?

You can use the days of the week poster for a lot more than just decoration! Some other uses are:

  • A discussion prompt
  • A learning tool for both group and individual activities
  • A vibrant classroom decoration

What activities can I do with this days of the week poster?

Keeping Track

If you’re in a classroom or even just at home. Its good for your little ones to know what day of the week it is.

You could make a large enough paper arrow (a good craft project) and stick the arrow on to the poster with blue tac. Then every day, make sure you and your little ones move the arrow to point to the right day.

Have a certain routine?

If you have a routine and you do the same things on certain days. Why not make a list and stick it to each day of the week. This gets your little ones involved with learning the day of the week. It also teaches them from an early age that certain things have to be done of certain days.

Like to plan your means?

You can turn the Just Family Fun days of the week poster into a menu. Plan out your meals for the week ahead and stick them to the poster.

Behaviour Tracker

Why not combine learning with good behaviour. Get some packs of smiley and sad stickers or any other stickers of your choosing. Then at the end of every day, give your little one a sticker and ask them to put it on the right day of the week. Hopefully it’s a week full of smiley stickers!

A week in photos

Print out some photos taken of your little one and you of all the activities you’ve done in a week. This works well for holidays. Then ask your little one if they can remember what day each one was. This might be better for little ones that have got a grasp of each day of the week. Then either stick them on the poster with blu tac. Or place them next to the right day if you’re working on a table.

Using the Just Family Fun Days of the week poster as a decoration

If you’re in a classroom environment or want to display it in your nursery. Make sure the poster is in the eye line of your little ones. The vibrant colours will catch their attention and draw them in to look at the poster.

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