Free Printable Weather Flashcards

Weather is all around us every single day – it affects what we wear and the activities we choose to do on any given day. If you have young children, these free printable weather flashcards from Just Family Fun are the perfect resource to introduce the different types of weather to kids.

The printable flashcards are brilliant for expanding preschoolers’ knowledge and weather vocabulary about seasonal changes, temperature and daily weather. They also make a brilliant aid for teaching older children about climate and the world around us.

There are some amazing fun weather activities for preschool, kindergarten and older children. When you teach children about weather they also learn about observation, measurement, recording and interpreting data and more.

What’s Included in our weather flashcards package?

There are twelve beautifully illustrated weather flashcards. Each of the 12 flashcards displays a different type of weather and has the name of the weather type printed below. Each card is ¼ A4 size.

The weather patterns featured include rain showers, cloudy, snow, windy, rainbow, tornado, fog, ice, sunny rain, partly cloudy and thunderstorms.

Feel free to print out as many sets of these free weather flashcards as you need.

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What Can Our Weather Flashcards Be Used For?

There are countless ways that these weather flashcards can be used to teach children about weather. For example, you could use them to record the weather, sort the cards into different conditions or make a forecast.

If you’re struggling with ideas of how to use the cards or how to introduce the weather topic we’ve listed several ideas of how you can use them below

Weather Station

This is a fantastic way to help children learn key weather vocabulary.

Set up an area where you can track the weather each day. Print or write the sentence “Today it is…….” on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall or the fridge.

Every day, ask your child to look out of the window to observe the weather. Ask them to select the weather picture displaying the weather they observed and stick it with a blue tack next to or underneath the “Today it is….” sentence.

Variation for older children: if your child is a little older you could keep a log of the weather over a few days, weeks or even months. Download a copy of our free printable weather chart pdf, and ask your child to observe and record the weather and temperature each day.

Tornado Tunnel

Print out several tornado flashcards in a small size. Ask your child to track a tornado as it moves across the country. If there are no tornadoes at the moment, do a quick google search for some eventful ones throughout history and track those on a map.

At the same time as doing this activity, you might want to teach your child what to do if there is a tornado and some survival skills.

Weather Map

Use the printable weather cards to make a weather map. You’ll need to grab a large map of the world. Alternatively, you could draw something that looks vaguely like it.

Pick a country and ask your child what you think the weather is like there. Then ask them to place the corresponding flashcard onto the map. Repeat for as many countries as your child is happy to do.

Variation: if your child is older you could get them to watch the weather forecast and then make up their own forecast, using the flashcards to add their forecast to the map.

Weather Run

A great game to burn some energy off. Place flashcards all around the garden. Ask your child(ren) to run and collect a weather card. When they bring it back, ask them to tell you what the weather is, they can then place it on the floor.

Repeat until all the cards have been collected and placed in a long line.

Ask them to read out the weather displayed on each card to reveal a lovely weather pattern.

Weather Worksheets

Use the free printable weather flashcards like a worksheet. Print out a set of cards and cut off the printed words. Lay them out on opposite sides of the room. Ask your child to match the word to the picture.

What to Wear

Children love dressing up and a little bit of role-playing.

Get a selection of outdoor weather clothes, sun hats, sunglasses, rain hats, wellies, waterproofs, hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas etc.

Ask your child to pick a weather card and then dress up in the appropriate clothing.

You could then ask them to act out what they would do in that weather. For example, if they pick windy they could pretend to be blown down the street. 


Weather is something that children can relate to, it’s around them every day. They can be scared of thunder, jump in puddles full of rainwater and be amazed by the rainbow that follows. Teaching them about weather is important for daily life, learning about the season and the climate.

We have shared just a small selection of fun activities that the printable weather flashcards can be used for. You can use the weather cards to play a matching game or other fun activities for introducing the seasons and climate.

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