Printable Shamrock Templates

Free Printable Shamrock Templates

Here at Just Family Fun, we wanted to bring a bit of luck into your home with these fantastic
free printable shamrock templates.

If you and your family enjoyed decorating the house with our Printable Star Templates, then
why not enjoy craft time with your little leprechauns by downloading our selection of
shamrock cutouts.

Our shamrock printables are available in both 3 and 4 four-leaf designs. Each design has a
few different sizes too, which means you have plenty of options for getting creative!

Some Great Ideas For Your Printable Shamrock Templates

Shamrock Hats

These shamrock hats are perfect for parties or school!

Print the largest of our 3 or 4 leaf shamrock templates on some card. You can grab this on
Amazon or at your local craft shop at a low cost. Use scissors to safely cut out the shamrock

Next, it’s time to make the headband. To do this cut two or three strips of white card. You’ll
want to make it the right size, so fit it to your child’s head and use tape to hold it in place.
Now we have the headband and shamrock cutout, let your little one’s imagination run wild,

colouring and decorating both in any design they can think of! Paint, glitter, and crayons are
all great for this.

All that’s left is to tape the shamrock cutout to the front of the headband and your little one
can enjoy showing friends and family their lucky shamrock hat!

Shamrock Stencils

These fun stencils are great fun for all sorts of crafty activities. You can even keep them to
use a bit later in the year for St Patrick’s Day decorations!

Choose from our different sized shamrock templates – big, medium, small – the more the
better! Print them out on thick card so that they don’t break easily when your little one uses

Once you’ve printed your shamrock templates, use some scissors to make a hole inside the
shamrock shape, cutting out the middle and leaving just the outline. Do this with all the
cutouts you have printed.

You should now have a collection of shamrock stencils that you and your family can use to
create all kinds of fun designs!

Shamrock Mosaics

This is a bit messier than the others, but it’s a good way to use up any coloured craft paper
you may have laying around.

Print out one of our medium or large shamrock templates on the card – if you don’t have
card, paper will do. Once it’s printed, get your child to colour the outline green (or whatever
colour they fancy.)

Next, find the old craft paper you have laying around and get your little ones to safely cut
them into small shapes. It could be squares, triangles, rectangles – whatever they chose!

Now comes the messy part! We need to use glue to stick the shapes inside the outline– PVA
is the messiest, glue sticks not so much! To make the mosaic itself, make sure there are little
gaps between the shapes when you’re sticking them down.

Once you’ve covered the shamrock outline with shapes, you should have a beautiful mosaic!

Why not show us how you’ve used your Printable Shamrock Templates on Twitter. Upload
a photo and tag us @JustFamilyFun1 – we’d love to see what you come up with!

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