Printable Glasses Cut Out Template

Is your child the only one in their friend group without glasses? Do they want to snazz up their outfit or boring school uniform? Our printable glasses cut out template is an easy, fun, and cheap way for kids to design their own look.

Whether they want to color in a pre-made pattern or doodle their own design, we have the silliest and craziest glasses templates just for you.

What’s Included In The Printable Glasses Cut Out Template:

This set includes eight different, black-and-white glasses cut outs in star, heart, flower, and peaked shapes. Four templates have matching patterns and designs to color in and four templates are blank to decorate yourself.

To get the most out of your printable glasses cut outs, you’ll also need scissors, coloring materials, tape, and recycled plastic!

glasses template for cut out

How to Use:

Using our printable glasses cut outs for kids is easy! Just follow these steps, use your materials safely, and be as creative as you can.

  1. Choose your favorite glasses template from our selection
  2. Print out the page containing that pair of glasses
    Tip: we recommend printing on white, A4 cardstock paper
  3. Cut around the outline of your glasses
  4. Gently pinch the face of your glasses together and make a small snip in the eye hole. Flatten your glasses and use this hole to cut the paper out of the eye hole.
  5. Color and embellish your glasses to make them beautiful!
  6. Fold and crease the glasses where the earpiece meets the front frame. This is where the glasses will bend around your face!

Additionally, you can add clear tape to the edges of your glasses after you’re done decorating them. This will protect your fake spectacles from tears and any sensitive skin from pesky paper cuts.

Tip: if your children are struggling to keep their glasses on, thicken the paper frames by adding tape. Alternatively, use the frames as a stencil, trace the shape onto thick cardstock or index paper, and glue the two together!

Other Activities to Try:

To ensure your children get the most out of their faux glasses, try out these other activities! Just beware they may want real, prescription glasses after learning how fun these projects can be.

  1. Add lenses to your glasses
    Prescription glasses work by changing the angle that light enters your eyes. The glass lenses will be different shapes and thicknesses for every user. If you don’t need glasses, lenses will make everything blurry and distant – but not ours! Make your own lenses to complete the frames of your glasses.

    To make fake lenses that won’t hurt your child’s vision, cut transparent plastic disks out of clean food containers, cling film, toy packaging, etc. Trace around the eye hole in your glasses like a stencil to find the size of plastic you need. Tape the edges of the plastic behind your glasses and slap them on!

  2. Make 3D glasses
    To improve your DIY glasses even more, you can turn them into 3D glasses like the ones you’re given at the movie theater or cinema!

    All you need to do is color in one of your plastic lenses from the previous activity dark blue and the other plastic lens bright red. Make sure to use dry erase or another type of non-toxic marker for safety. Allow your plastic discs to dry then secure them to the back of your paper glasses frames with tape. Sit down in front of the tv and watch your favorite film wearing your homemade 3D glasses! Just don’t get dizzy.

  3. Make pinhole glasses
    Pinhole glasses are a unique type of sunglasses. They have full coverage lenses with tens and hundreds of small holes. Make them yourself like this!

    Instead of making plastic lenses like you have in the previous activities, cut out a paper lens (or don’t cut out your glasses frame’s eye holes when first making your glasses!). Carefully, take a sewing needle and pop it through the backside of the paper over and over again. Make as many pin-sized holes as you can fit onto the lenses. Can you see through your homemade pinhole sunglasses?

  4. Use different artistic mediums and tools
    If your little ones have mastered crayons and colored pencils, allow them to design and decorate their printable glasses cut out with other artistic mediums. Safely using glitter, sequins, jewels, stickers, foam strips, snippets of paper, and ribbon can improve both your childrens’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!
  5. Have a fashion show!
    If your children are begging you for a challenge or competition, host a fashion show at home! Dress up in a glamorous outfit that matches your glasses and make a pose for the camera. As a judge, you’ll have to decide which of your kids wore it best!
  6. Try to recreate your favorite pair of glasses
    What celebrities, tv characters, or other role models have your kids seen wearing glasses? Are you looking for dorky glasses like Dwight Schrute’s or fabulous specs like Elton John’s? Let your little ones choose a favorite pair of glasses and try recreating them on your printable templates using similar colors, shapes, and patterns. This activity can improve detail-recognition and encourage careful focus in kids trying to match their frames as closely as possible.


Do you think your kids have what it takes to be a fashion designer or model? We’d love to see their work! Send us a snapshot of their printable glasses cut outs from Just Family Fun to share the excitement.

If your little ones have loved designing and wearing their glasses, you may enjoy our other activities! Visit Just Family Fun to find other projects, games, and learning opportunities like a free printable color puzzle for toddlers, printable trace the alphabet worksheet for kids, or a free printable KWL chart to do at home!

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